Paris Pre-Wedding: Naomi & Hann

For the final stop in their Europe wedding photoshoot, Singaporean lifestyle influencer Naomi and her husband Hann landed in the city of love, Paris! 

The photoshoot started out under the soft glow of the morning sunlight before the city's representative Eiffel Tower at Trocadéro. The couple then moved on to the distinctive metal columns of Bir-Hakeim Bridge, and the ornately decorated Pont Alexandre III.

Not to be missed is a trip to the Louvre, where the couple stood before the famed glass pyramids and walked amongst the magnificent architecture of the old palace complex. They then took to the streets outside the Louvre and crossed the Pont des Arts, once famous for its myriad of love locks, before having a little mid-day date at a charming cafe.

Finally, taking a short ride out of Paris, the couple arrived before the fairytale castle of Château de Chantilly, where Naomi put on her princess ballgown and took a turn in the palace gardens.

Pictures Taken at: Paris, France; Eiffel Tower, Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Lourve, Pont des Arts, Château de Chantilly


Pre-wed: SGD2,899 / Actual: SGD3,999


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