Our Marriage Vows

Our Marriage Vows is about precious moments in a small package. It is special to pledge your eternal vows in a natural environment. So at Our Marriage Vows, we celebrate wedding solemnization and reception in the tranquility of lush greenery at an affordable cost and in a quiet, private setting. Chat with us about your plan for your solemnization or wedding celebration party. Your Memory of Bliss if Our Marriage Vows' commitment.


Min. Spend: $1,388

Location: West

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Karin Hacker

Lisa & team, We wanted to thank you so much personally for the great wedding you helped us to arrange and especially thank you to the venue side; We had great food – tastefully arranged and all my guests loved the food and gave me lots of good comments about it. The venue itself was very sweet arranged and made our special day really memorable. All the staff who supported our wedding on that day were so friendly and helpful and showed also lots of patience to the kids. A big thank you we wanna give to you – with your presence and support behind the scenes the solemnization and entire night just went so smooth.. you were like the good supporting soul behind the scenes. Thank you to you and the venue and especially the restaurant to make our wedding a success. Thanks Karin & Jeff


Alvin Low

To Lisa, thank you so much for going all out to make our wedding day a sweet and memorable one. You helped us plan the event setup so well, from the tea-ceremony to the solemnization and the lunch buffet. We didn't had to worry about any loopholes because you ensured that every small little detail of our wedding was taken care of. :) Even on our wedding day, you, Beulah, and the rest of the staff provided us with much help and guidance to ensure that everything went on smoothly. When our solemnizer informed us that he would be late, you and Beulah waited near the road to guide him to the venue. Thanks for easing our anxiety! :) Lastly, I really loved how beautifully decorated the venue was! Fresh flowers on every table plus a romantic solemnization set-up in the midst of beautiful trees and jazz music. :) My family and friends agree that the food is super good too! Prior to our wedding, we had already dine in the restaurant a few times because we love the food so much haha. Thumbs up for the sincere and professional service! :)