Picnic Venues

Imagine being dressed in a beautiful ivory gown on your wedding day, waiting to walk down the aisle in the most tranquil and intimate setting there is. Everything is as perfect as you dreamt it to be, with the lush greenery that surrounds you filling your senses. Inhale and relax, as you take your first step towards the rest of your life — your gown flowing in nature’s scented breeze as you glide towards the altar and into the arms of your waiting groom. 

 You are flushed with excitement as you embrace your partner in life. The both of you bask in your surroundings and pose for beautiful pictures, all while immersed in a romantic garden setting and creating lasting memories for your precious wedding album.

 Picnic is the ideal venue to fit the wedding of your dreams. Whether it is 30 or 300 guests, Picnic is able to provide all the services that you need, specifically customized to your idea of perfection.

Picnic comprises of 3 different venues.

Flower Garden: a conservatory-inspired space that features hanging plants, glass panels to allow natural lighting in, as well as wall panels that adapt according to the ambient lighting. 

Picnic Central Garden: a 2,500 square feet space that features a performance stage, mega projector screen and Bose L1 speakers. Carpeted with turfgrass, furnished with benches, sofas, long tables for comfortable and communal seating arrangements to give you the feel of the space. 

Beer Garden: it features a fully-stocked cocktail bar, vertical garden, and high tables that lend an alley bar dynamism to the space. 


Min. Spend: SGD5,000++

Location: Wisma Atria

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