Bryan & Yiting

"Time was what you gave generously, time when you were steadfast in your actions, letting me know of your love and commitment in your quiet way. Time enough that it clicked and dawned on me that this relationship just might work out." ~ Yiting

What an amazing journey it had been, to have traveled with Bryan and Yiting to the faraway place called Japan. We have put in everything learned in my 9 years on this one video series, and in many ways, Red String Video Co. had found its voice. Bryan and Yiting is a 'videographer's couple'. What they wanted from this pre-wedding project was what we were aiming for from the moment we first started doing pre-weddings concept films. Bryan and Yiting wanted something that rings true and is honest. They wanted something not too staged. I proposed to them a reality show concept where the whole video series wraps around their journey to getting their vows written. Meow and I would follow them as they enjoy their trip together as a couple, and we would check in on them, and allow them some time from their travels to think about their vows and to separately, write them.

What we have then, is a story which very naturally ends when their life together begins, on their wedding day.

This being my first time in Japan for a final project for a pseudo Japanese-named company I co-founded, the significance was quite clear. This is my swan song for my time with Ichiro Films. We didn't plan it this way of course. I didn't know that I was leaving Ichiro Films, and I certainly didn't time Bryan and Yiting's wedding so that it was the last wedding I shot. To have been so lucky to have been found by a 'videographer's couple' who believes in me, and to have such an opportunity to stretch my limits as a videographer at this time of my career is really significant. Like I said, I found my voice again.

So this too is a bittersweet reality concept for me. This video series marks the crossroads for Bryan and Yiting as they journey through their lives together as a married couple. In many ways, it marks the crossroads for me too. It marks the beginning of Red String Video Co.


Actual: SGD2,690 / Pre-wed: SGD1,500

Location: Singapore, Grand Hyatt Singapore, Japan, Kyoto, Osaka

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