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Located a few minutes away from Orchard Road, tucked away in a charming and discreet nook for a quiet refuge from the city bustle, Skyve is capable of creating an unforgetting experience for both the wedding couples and guests. With the sheltered alfresco and air-conditioned lounge area, Skyve is able to host an outdoor or indoor solemnization for all wedding couples. 

The modern yet old school setting in this wine bistro is the perfect setting for an intimate and cozy ceremony. The immaculate service of our experienced pool of staff will create a unique and memorable wedding celebration. The wide selection of canapés and drinks are made available to couples to satisfy the taste buds of all guests. The flexibility of the setting allows couples to create a romantic, fun or cozy atmosphere, whichever they are comfortable and is an ideal location for photo-taking opportunities with guests on their special day.

  • Price
    Lunch/ Dinner: $120++ per pax
  • Price
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  • Location
  • Capacity
    20 - 120
  • Restaurant
  • Solemnization
  • Wedding lunch
    Wedding Lunch/Dinner

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