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Ted Wu focuses on creating gorgeous gowns perfectly constructed from the finest fabrics and opulent embroidery and lace, creating feminine designs with a timeless and luxurious feel.


OTR: From $2,000/ MTM: From $3,000

Location: Central

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Isadora Zhong

Ted and Jean - two very inspiring, extremely talented and dedicated friends we worked with for our big day. From conceptualising the designs to making amendments, they stayed cheerful and dedicated through the whole process, ensuring that we are happy till the end. We can never know how much work goes into each gown, but we are sure that their passion and determination to give their all to the clients is what makes them stand out from the rest. My beautiful white laced mermaid gown with gorgeous back detailing, and my glamorous va-va-voom red gown, received many compliments, all thanks to Ted and team. Thank you for your dedication to your work and making us a happy couple on our big day!



The experience at Ted was lovely from start to end! The gown selection was fun; the service and advice rendered by Ted, Jean and Maggie was tip top. I was constantly impressed by Ted's intuition and sensitivity. Jean was always friendly and accommodating. Maggie was usually stealthily adjusting my gowns with precision as I bumbled around the boutique. Ted and his team were always prepared for a fitting (e.g. shortlisted gowns for me beforehand and have them hung up and ready to go before I was there). They gave their undivided attention to every couple that steps in, which made our wedding prep experience so much better. I took an off the rack package. Their partner vendors such as make-up artist and florist were professional and brilliant. For the level of customization Ted gave for an off-the-rack, plus the quality (fine fabric and craftsmanship) and service, I think my package was really great value! To couples preparing for your big day, a good bridal boutique makes up a significant part of your wedding preparation journey/memory. So put more weightage on the experience and service when you pick the bridal boutique. :)


Wenndee Tan

I was served by Ted himself and Jean! Both of them were very friendly and helpful not only during my first visit but for all my fittings and collection of gowns. During my first visit, there were also not pushy. In fact they were patient and allowed me to try out different weddings gowns and was keen to provide advice for my wedding. It was an easy decision to select as Ted was the only bridal boutique who was open in entertaining my thoughts (I.e. Disney related gown and wearing shoes instead of heels) and wanting something different from the masses. He was unlike the other bridal boutiques who just wanted me to fit into their styles/gowns. Ted was patient, a good listener to my wants and needs, and was keen to provide advice and various ideas/possibilities in creating both my mtm gowns. Throughout the engagement, it was stress free working with them as Ted ensured that my gowns were perfect and that it would fit me beautifully! He is also able to deliver the gowns on time and ensured that there were no issues. The details, additional beadings for the actual day etc. Additionally, Jean is really friendly and helpful. She is quick is responding to all my queries and providing me the necessary information. She even reminded me when I forgot my appointments! I had an awesome experience working with Ted Wu and would definitely recommend working with Ted Wu! The entire package from the design, quality and service are amazing!


Trish Kwan-Masterson

I was looking for an off-the-rack gown that is simple yet elegant. Ted Wu was the third shop I walked into and the only one where I felt comfortable in. Jean understood immediately the style that I wanted and after trying just 3-4 gowns, I found the one. Ted was very attentive even though the gown needed little alteration. The whole team - Ted, Jean and Maggie - are very friendly and approachable and I really enjoyed chatting with them at each fitting. They also went the extra mile keeping my shoes for me so I did not have to bring them back and forth. I had an awesome experience and would definitely recommend anyone getting married to check them out! The gowns are beautiful and exquisite and the service simply impeccable. Thank you again, to the Ted Wu team, for making me feel especially beautiful on my special day!


Ann Wong

Since young I have a dream that Ted would be the only one to design my wedding gown should I ever get married one day. The intricate and detailed embroidery of his bridal gowns have charmed me tremendously. Ted and his lovely team - Jean and Maggie are in a league of their own. The girls' impeccable service and attentiveness definitely made our visits delightful and entertaining. We always looked forward to every visit to the boutique. The whole experience is even more memorable with Ted's sincerity and warmth. This has certainly planted the seed of a lovely and long-lasting friendship. Ted's gift in designing gowns which accentuates the bride's contours and elegance is distinctive in his unique creations. Every gown is personalized. Ted had cleverly married both his and my ideas into one masterpiece that has won the admiration and praise of the guests. My tea dress and evening gown were just as exquisitely created. Ted had considered the comfort of the bride and ease of wearing the gowns which he weaved this thoughtfulness into the designs. Most importantly, I really felt that I was the most ravishing and gorgeous bride on my wedding day as I slipped into my dream wedding gown. My heartfelt thanks to Ted, Jean and Maggie for making a fairy-tale come true and cheers to many more years of friendship! Ted Wu is definitely the choice to recommend to future brides!


Gwen Chia

Ive been to many bridal boutiques to look for the perfect wedding dress yet none were able to meet my requirements, that was until I came to Ted Wu for a custom wedding gown. Ted was so patient in trying to understand what I wanted in my gown and he even drew out a sketch for me really quickly. Also, working with Ted and Jean was a breeze since they were always so friendly and professional during all our appointment and fittings. Of course, I would highly recommend Ted Wu to any and every one of my friends who are looking to find the perfect wedding gown!


Bernie Wong

Sam and I decided on Ted once we stepped into their boutique as nowhere else did we feel so comfortable and at ease! Ted, Jean and Maggie were always genuine in their interactions with us and we always had a good laugh at their place. It never felt like they were doing it to get our business, and we knew we were in good hands based on the good feedback we read online and the numerous magazines and websites we browsed. The dress I chose for the morning was a choice I never looked back on once I put it on. Thank you Ted, your eye for details made the dress special and I really felt like a princess on the day of the wedding. Ted was also really helpful and accommodating when it came to rescuing my evening dress. Due to the hotel's last minute changes, I had to switch from my initial evening gown to a last-minute one, and even then, Ted managed to save the day and made it possible for me to still have a figure-flattering gown for the night :) Ted, Jean and Maggie, you guys did an amazing job and we really wish you guys all the best and many more happy brides to come!


Ashley Hammie Ng

Every piece of gown from Ted Wu was a work of art. Ted was very receptive to any idea that I had and he really knew how to make designs work for each individual. I'm probably the smallest (and fussiest) bride that Ted has ever worked with and he did a fantastic job at making everything work! The attention to detail and the embroidery was amazing. I wanted my dress to look ethereal and Ted really delivered. He even came up with a brilliant idea to make it look more 3D. On top of it all, service was amazing. Ted has celebrity clientele but they never once made me feel like I'm unimportant and was very friendly at every fitting. Everyone at the wedding commented that the dress was superb. If I had to get married again I wouldn't hesitate in choosing Ted Wu all over. Thank you Ted and Jean for putting up with my demands over the past year and for doing such great work. I'm one of the first to get married among friends and definitely will recommend everyone to get their gowns from Ted Wu!!


Romona Loh

I've always wanted a Ted Wu wedding gown since I was a little girl. Flipping the bridal magazines then, I was enthralled by the timeless designs and beautiful styles that were modeled so elegantly and lent such a touch of contemporary romance and glamour to an important life milestone. So when it came to my own wedding, it was unthinkable that I would consider any other bridal designer than Ted! Right from the start, Ted and team (Maggie and Jean) have been very warm, welcoming and hospitable, in showing me around and introducing the top picks in-store. They were also extremely insightful and helpful in conceptualising the designs of my wedding and evening gowns, bringing the ideas I had to life in romantic, bespoke and gorgeous designs. Not to mention that being a perfectionist at heart, Ted has a fine eye for intricate embroidery, embellishing and micro craftsmanship. No wonder why his wedding and evening gown have been highly sought after, from celebrities and socialites to radiant brides out there. The price may be a tad steep for some but it's well worth the quality and assurance that you'll look your very best on your big special day. Overall, I've had an amazing experience at Ted Wu (the quintessential bridal experience actually) and would definitely recommend him to all brides-to-be.


Pearlyn Kua

I had specific ideas on how I would like my gown to be like. Ted Wu stands out amongst the others in terms of meeting my needs and he was able to compliment the ideas I had. In addition, Ted and Jean have been very supportive and helpful throughout my gown making journey. This is especially when the duration given was very short for them to rush out the final product. To future brides, I would definitely recommend you especially ones who have specific ideas about what they want.