Yua package: Kimono and Wedding dress

Kelly and Gabriel was only able to get a week off from work in July for the photoshoot, just in time for their wedding in September. Hokkaido became their obvious choice because the weather would still be cooling by then, since they would want to have their photos taken with them wearing the kimono. They had also chosen to take at the Former Takeshiro Nagayama Residence because the bungalow that was built around 1880, was an early example of Japanese architectural work combining Western styles. Thus it is most fitting of what the couple was after, as the theme of their photos. For the western theme, Kelly had wanted a different feel from that of the stern Japanese one. Thus, we had recommended the Moerenuma Park, which coupled with the vast grassland, could bring out the freedom shown in the photo. The result, a full spread of photos ranging from solemn grace to free roving elegance, and where the old and the new world collides. Thus, this Yua package is for couples who would like to have the best of both the western and traditional worlds in a day of unpressurising shoot. 


Location: Former Takeshiro Nagayama Residence and Moerenuma Park

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