Liang Jun & Jun Qi

Highlights of Liang Jun and Jun Qi's overseas pre-wedding shoot.


Location: Taiwan

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Rena Chan

I would highly recommend bride-to-be to Vive L'amour studio. Although their range of gowns is not as wide as those popular studio but they provide tip top services. They are not pushy about add-on. They will understand they customer's needs before they recommend their packages. Their packages are very reasonable. Photographers are very skillful, they are able to provide you the feel you want but you need to inform them what you wanted and also ensure that they are able to do it. (It is best to provide them with some samples)


Malcolm Deng Guoliang

The professional who serve us is Mr Eric. The reason why i chose Vive L'amour is the initial meet up for consultation we feel relaxed and comfortable with the surrounding as they were no indication of "hard selling" .Everyone was pleasant and friendly and we will given ample to consider the package presented to us based on our budget. The professional attitude of theirs was that they will listen to our needs and what we wants first before giving their few professional opinion and options for us to consider. They are willing to arrange their schedule to give in to our busy schedule timing . In terms of photo shoot location, they are firm and planned beforehand to avoid wasting any time