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Decorating your wedding is one of the most fun elements on the lead up to your big day. It’s your chance to show some design flair and put your stamp on the look and feel of your wedding. The wedding backdrop is the hero piece of the day - a focal point that compliments your venue, ties in with your theme and highlights your personality. Sometimes, with so much inspiration around, it’s hard to know where to begin. Whether it be a rustic theme or luxe ballroom affair, we’ve got you started with 6 backdrop options that will really make your portraits pop.

1. Sheer Drapes

Sheer drapes alone offer a simple, clean feel to your space and are a versatile option for almost any venue you desire. They work from day to night, and for added romance you can hang fairy lights behind the sheer chiffon fabric and watch them lift your space from light and airy, to moody and glamourous. They are a perfect statement piece, working great in large spaces and guarantee couple portraits with a touch of magic and sparkle.

Image credits: Dapper Pictures

2. Panelling

For a relaxed and rustic feel take a nod from nature with a full wall of wood paneling to frame you and your beau. It’s a natural, eco-friendly way to make an impact, and can work both indoors and outdoors to create a warm, homely atmosphere. Pair warm wooden panels with pastel blooms and trailing greenery for a picture perfect, country inspired backdrop. 

Image credits: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium 

3. Wooden Arbours

For a play on the traditional and a decorative way to frame your nuptials, a wooden arbor is an easy way to personalise your wedding and define your space.  

If you’re a literary lover, drape your arbor with a fabric scroll imprinted with vows, lyrics or your favourite quote - pair with extravagant blooms and you have a personalised, romantic backdrop to frame your ‘I do’s’.

Image credits: Andri Tei Photography

For the ultimate outdoor wedding, amp up your arbor by draping fabric and clusters of stunning flowers. The fabric creates movement in the breeze and is the ideal backdrop for romantic portraits with a touch of elegance.

Image credits: Rosette Designs & Co.

4. Metallic & Geometric

For a modern, sleek take on the traditional wedding arbour, pair metallics and geometric shapes with extravagant floral arrangements. The contrast of all natural, lush, delicate blooms against metallic shades and clean geometric shapes, creates a sense of modern luxury and is a bold way to draw the guests eyes to you. It’s a striking backdrop that will create even more striking images.

Image credits: Monti

Image credits: Regent Singapore

5. Customised Typography

For a simple yet elegant backdrop, small in size but not lacking in character, choose to souce customised signage to make the space truly yours. You’ll find that different typography exudes different moods - for a vibe that is more laid back and romantic, opt for a cursive style that feels intimate, or for something more modern and luxe try a clean, sans-serif font, that sits boldly against your backdrop. Pair with flowers to emphasise your chosen typography - the perfect finishing touch to a romantic and intimate backdrop.

Image credits: Natalie Wong Photography 

Image credits: Acapella Photography 

6. DIY Decor

DIY decor is a fun way to add a personal flair to your wedding, nothing quite says ‘you’ than decorations made by your own bare hands. Not only are DIY backdrops kind on your budget they also give your space a touch of handmade charm.

Image credits: Andri Tei Photography 

Create eye-catching pieces to add colour and whimsy to your decor that will reinforce your wedding theme and palette, and create a backdrop guaranteed to be insta-worthy to generate fun, memorable, one of a kind portraits.

Image credits: Antelope Studios

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