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Throughout his photography journey, Kevin, from Dapper Pictures has won various international photography awards, featured in the press, contributed to leading magazines titles and publications, and had his personal works exhibited locally and regionally but he still feels the happiest working with couples, understanding who you are, listening to your love story, working with you to document your love journey, create images and albums that reflects who you are, capturing the most beautiful, intimate and timeless moments of your matrimony. "It's always wonderful to have all my couples turn friends, seeing how every one of you live happily after your wedding and go on to have your little bundles of joy, I say it's the happiest and most satisfying profession I could ask for," - Kevin, Dapper Pictures Promotions: $100 off videography packages quoting "Hitcheed2324"
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Jermaine Lew

My husband and I were tired of cookie-cutter prewedding works of many bridal shops and were thinking of not doing it at all. When we were recommended by a friend to Kevin, we thought his works departed from the main stream ones. Our pre-wedding shots turned out to be who we really are-cheeky character. Thanks to all the tips and professional guidance from kevin. Kevin also took the extra mile to check out our preferred shooting venue as early as 7am and recommended great spots for the shoot! Kevin is also extremely good at capturing expressions of people, off guard hence natural and priceless. He was amazing during the wedding lunch where he just knew who to shoot. I guess it was also because he had the initiative and Heart to know who everybody is (Jiemeis, Xiong dis, family members), and their Names. Both our families and friends kept singing praises of Kevin and my husband and I can’t thank him enough for all the wonderful memories he has captured!

Alex Liu

Kevin is very passionate about his work and is dedicated to fulfilling your personal needs in the whole pre-wedding photo shoot. He makes an effort in understanding the coming together between myself and my wife to craft a photo journey that is both fun and memorable. The level of detail he puts into the planning is amazing and left us with little or nothing to hassle about. He is also able to accommodate all the requests that we have and is always very professional. We are also very pleased to receive the final copies of the shoot and to know that he rushed to process and sort them up so that we could include them into our actual wedding photo montage. All in all, Kevin is the guy you can trust your wedding shoots with and I have no complains with his service from the beginning till the end. Thanks Kevin!

Jacqueline Koay

Though we didn't want anything mainstream and wanted something different, we never expect a prewedding album could be shot this way and we were really happy we chose him to shoot for us and took on the challenge of shooting a fashion story like and sensual series. Of course we were a bit tense and worried especially the sensual series but he manage to make us comfortable by making us so relaxed and comfortable, giving us scenarios to prepare us mentally for the shoot. Many a times we kinda forgotten we were being shot but as if we were having our own private moments. The album was gorgeous and received so much compliments from our friends during the wedding, that they have never seen an album like this, they love the stories, how it was shot, the artsy layouts and beautiful colors. Thank you so much for the wonderful work!!! - Jac


When me and my husband were planning our pre-wedding photography, we knew we wanted something different and something that reflects us as individuals, and as a couple in a meaningful way. In that respect, we couldn’t have been happier with Kevin, who had to hear out all our ideas and how we wanted the direction to go. What surprised us was how quickly he understood our point of views and how expertly he crafted suggestions that would work both for us thematically, and for him technically. We were sold when we consulted him, but we didn’t expect the entire process to be that fun! In fact, he is so easy to work with that taking the pictures was a breeze because of how comfortable he made us feel. Looking through our photos, I can still see our smiles like those we have while doing something fun. This is important because my husband is horrible at taking photos (he has absolutely no idea how to smile naturally in front of a camera), but with Kevin it really worked. Now looking at our pre-wedding shots taken in Shanghai by Kevin, I really don’t think there could be a better way to remember the life my husband and I had living in China, and the vision of the future we were both looking forward to (Now!). Thanks Kevin! -Shu

Yen Ling

"We were introduced to dapper picture by one of our friends. After looking at Kevin's work, it left a deep impression on us and eventually led us to decide on engaging his service. Kevin will try to get to know the couple by us telling him how we met, dislike / like about each other, etc before the shoots. And I think this is important as it will then allow the photographer to get to know better the individual's personality as well as understanding them as a couple which I personally feel helps to bring out the couple identity in the photos. Being with Kevin throughout the photo taking was easy and relaxed despite us traveled together for the first time, plus all of us had never been to Perth before! We didn't feel awkward but feel more like having fun with a friend tagging along in our trip. I like the way Kevin can turn super creative by getting us to take shots extemporaneously. We took picture with random students at the bus stop and even the local policemen appear in our album. All thanks to Kevin! :D The whole album was basically memories of us exploring Perth. Photos were beautifully taken and were presented in an out-of-the-ordinary kind of album. We had received lots of compliments from our friends that our album is unique and different from the usuals. All I can say is that, it's worth the time and money spent and I'm glad we took the chance to do an overseas shoots (instead of a local shoot) with Kevin. Extremely satisfied with his work!"

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