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Discover Top Wedding Venues in Singapore

So, you’ve said yes. And, thus begins the wedding preparations. Out of everything, picking the perfect wedding venue is arguably the most difficult yet important part of the planning process. Oftentimes, the type of wedding venue you choose will impact your other choices, down to catering, event styling and invitations. Fancy or traditional, large or small, your wedding venue is key to connecting with all your guests and creating beautiful memories. With Hitcheed, you can discover unique wedding locations in Singapore.

A Guide To Choosing Wedding Venues

From small and intimate outdoor venues for garden weddings to romantic, low-light ballrooms, we have compiled some of the best wedding venues in Singapore. So, how do you pick when there are so many options available? Here are some ways you can begin visualising and planning for your wedding location.
  • Engage the professional help of an event planner.
  • Pick your wedding venue or banquet based on your vision and moodboard.
  • Make sure your wedding banquet can accommodate your guest list.
  • Consider the amenities or benefits that come with a wedding venue.
  • Tabulate the costs to ensure that you are picking an affordable wedding venue.
With the rise in popularity of Pinterest and Instagram weddings, many couples often pick wedding banquets, venues, gowns and even decorations based on what they see trending. While it may look aesthetically pleasing, it is also important to consider the costs of the entire wedding. A dream wedding can be achieved with smart choices. Similarly, choosing all the details of your wedding as a couple together helps keep the process authentic and unique to the both of you. Whatever your concerns or reservations may be around a wedding venue, Hitcheed can help you resolve them.

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Finding the right wedding venue is easy with Hitcheed. We know how conflicting the struggle to find the perfect wedding location can be. Stay connected with us for the latest in events and promotions.