Hitcheed Meet & Greet "Wedding Wonderland" July 2018

Exclusive Rebates

Jiaxiang & Shuhui

Actual Day: $2,500/ Pre-Wed: $1,500/ So...

aMusephotographer · Jiaxiang & Shuhui

0 reviews
John & Karena

Actual Day: $1,800/ Overseas Pre-Wed: $...

Lightcraft Creative Collective · Joh...

4 reviews
Shanghui & Natalie

Actual Day: $2,000/ Pre-Wed: $1,200/ Ov...

Douglas Fun Photography · Shanghui &...

3 reviews
David & Huiqi

Actual Day: $2,000/ Pre-Wed: $1,000

Love Crafted Co · David & Huiqi

7 reviews
Mitchell & Germaine

Actual Day: $2,600/ Pre-Wed: $2,200

Antelope Studios · Mitchell & Germaine

13 reviews
Chuen & Kat (II)

Actual Day: $2,000/ Pre-Wed: $1,000

Love Crafted Co · Chuen & Kat (II)

7 reviews
Jun Hao & Rayna

Actual Day: $1,300/ Pre-Wed: $2,000

Meteor Production · Jun Hao & Rayna

0 reviews
DW & Wan Chin

Actual Day: $1,888/ Pre-Wed: $2,000

The Forever Films · DW & Wan Chin

2 reviews
Edwin & Wan Ching

Actual Day: $2,500/ Pre-Wed: $1,500/ So...

aMusephotographer · Edwin & Wan Ching

0 reviews

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"The discovery of Hitcheed through a post on Facebook was a godsend for my fiancé and I as we ere in our early stages of planning for our upcoming wedding and were completely clueless about the market for wedding related services. We managed to browse through the services offered by various vendors ranging from bridal studios to wedding venues via the app and were also able to connect directly with vendors whom we were interested in engaging. The personalised recommendation service by Hitcheed also made us understood how wedding planning is like as wedding planning can be really stressful! With the budget being an important consideration, the rebates came in extremely handy, as it allowed us to consider vendors that we might have ruled out otherwise based on cost alone. If you're starting out on this journey of wedding planning, Hitcheed is definitely an app that you'll want to check out - it saved us not just money, but time and energy as well!"
Joanne Chien
Open uri20180408 4 q1tzht?1523205476
"We discovered Hitcheed through Facebook when preparing for our wedding. We attended their events and signed up for the hotel wedding package, Photo booth and even our wedding bands. Most vendors have promotion prices during this event! Best of all, Hitcheed even have sure-win lucky draw! Thank you Hitcheed. I really saved a lot. Especially the hotel wedding package. "
Dean Ong
"I was researching about wedding vendors and chanced upon hitcheed. It was quite a useful app to search for venue, vendors as well as services you’ll need for your big day. They have a cash rebate function which I am interested to find out more later when I am ready to engage the vendors. I think it is a very good feature for couples who are careful with money. Talking about the meet & greet session by Hitcheed, i’d say is a great place to start if you have no idea what wedding planning is like. I am really impressed by their curated list of vendors which lived up to the title of “high flyers”. I see most of the familiar names recommended by my bride-to-be friends. Do some research on the vendors before going to the session will definitely help because you will be able to make instant decision after talking to the vendors and most importantly, most of the service you engaged on the event day comes in attractive discounted rate. "
Pheuron Tay
"Hitcheed helps us to find quality vendors that match our budgets especially through the useful vendor info on the website and rebate programme. The advisors are also prompt and personable in their response. We are glad to have been able get good deals from our desired vendors through Hitcheed. This is a platform for couples to find good deals!"
Joy Lu
"Hitcheed gives wedding couples a one-stop portal to source for the various wedding vendors. Making planning a weeding more convenient. It also allows couple to compare prices and packages across different vendors easily so couples will be able to get the best deal! Not to mention lucky draws and goodies offered during the Meet and Greet session! "
Ye Yiqin
"Happened to chance upon Hitcheed on Facebook and decided to give it a go since my partner and I were totally clueless on wedding preparation. Went for the Meet and Greet event on 13 Jan 18 and bumped into Chee Yang at the reception counter. He was very friendly and listened to our needs patiently. Based on our budget and requirement, Chee Yang then introduced KW Studio and we deciding to sign the pre wedding package with them after listening to what they have. Personally I feel that a Meet and Greet session like this is a good start for couple who have no idea where and how to start wedding preparation. There are many well known vendors there willing to listen and give valuable feedback. The event was very organised and no hard selling involved. Thank you Hitcheed! "
"We were introduced to Hitcheed by a friend who is a part-time wedding planner. Curious and searching for a photographer/videographer for our actual day, we sent in an inquiry with our budget and was surprised to receive a personal call from Hitcheed, who followed up with several vendors for us to contact. The vendors were all very friendly too. Everything worked very quick and smoothly. The cash rebate was very attractive too and we soon decided on our photographer/videographer. I would strongly recommend Hitcheed to my friends and any couple who are searching for vendors for their wedding! "
Adeline Teng
"I have found Hitcheed via Facebook when I am searching for my actual day photography and videography. The cash rebate is a bonus for us as we do not know that we can get cash rebate if we use Hitcheed to engage the professionals for our wedding in the first place. Chee Yang is very helpful and efficient, he has recommended some of the professionals according to our preferences within a day after we downloaded the apps. The cash rebates also have been processed within 5 working days. It’s an awesome experience for us. =)"
Open uri20180408 4 1wpehmy?1523205476
"My partner and i first discovered Hitcheed from social media – it was being plastered all over Facebook and Instagram. As a bride-to-be and groom-to-be, it is definitely beneficial to attend wedding workshops or fairs together so to enable the same frequency of mindset. It also levels our expectations on financial costs, budgeting, interests for different parts in a wedding. We feel that Hitcheed wedding wonderland does helps to resolve many questions marks in our heads as we were equally clueless as everyone else! We were exposed to many vendors from different category and understand more about wedding better. It will be great if Hitcheed are able to provide more workshops / wedding fairs so that everyone can get to benefit from it. "
Cheree Chew
Open uri20180409 4 da6dgd?1523240491
"We came across this event on Hitcheed's Instagram page. It was our first time attending such an event and we went with an open mind. We would gladly say that we have benefitted much in terms of gathering inspiration. While there was still a couple of vendors doing hard-selling, we're glad that majority of them don't. It was certainly a plus point to have premium venue providers including RWS & Amara on-board!"
Rochelle Hung
"We found the Hitcheed platform on Facebook and in the midst of searching for wedding vendors, we used the hitcheed app to source for our ideal vendors! The best part I love about Hitcheed is that there are rebates if you sign up with a vendor through this platform! A lot of us may go to wedding shows just to get discounted rates for vendors, but going through this platform saves us all the time and effort! One last thing I love about Hitcheed is the wedding shows they organise. Unlike many wedding shows, the vendors partnered with Hitcheed do not hardsell their services. This allows couples to be very comfortable when making decisions. The coordinators are also helpful, and would ask for our budget and required services before recommending their vendors. Great experience thus far! "
Hui Yi Png
"i discovered Hitcheed via a facebook advertisement. They called me and explained what Hitcheed was all about. Being a budget bride, this application piqued my interest. I went for their wedding show and managed to connect with many vendors that aided in my wedding planning. Meeting the vendors face to face is very important to us as we feel that we need to be able to establish a connection with them before engaging their services. Hitcheed provided good recommendations during the wedding show. They recommended Alex Goh Photography when he understand our needs which we eventually signed up with Alex as our AD Photography. Hitcheed is highly recommended for couples who are currently planning their wedding, be it big or small. "
Debbie Teo
"I came across the Hitcheed event 2018 through an Instagram advertisement. As I just got engaged, I wanted to sign up for bridal shows to understand more about the packages available for photography and wedding gowns. I was pleasantly surprised when I went for the Hitcheed event. It was very well organised and was very different from other bridal shows that I've gone to previously. All the vendors at Hitcheed were very friendly and genuine. Unlikely other bridal shows, my fiancé and I did not feel overwhelmed because there were no 'pullers' swarming towards us. We could comfortably walk around and admire each booth without being afraid that someone will approach us and do a sales pitch. Overall, we were glad that we went for the Hitcheed event. It was a great event and we found a great wedding photographer at an affordable rate. I will highly recommend Hitcheed to other wedding couples who are planning their wedding. Hitcheed also gives great discounts and rebates which will help save a lot too! "
"My Fiance and I were researching online for videographers for our pre-wedding shoot when we stumbled upon Hitcheed, a wedding platform that show their actual rates and reviews. I requested for recommendations and was pleasantly surprised that they recommended me with a few videography companies that matches my budget and taste preference. This greatly impressed me because firstly, the efficiency is awesome, and secondly, it is such a HUGE convenience to find the right vendors for my wedding. On top of it, Hitcheed provides cash rebates from those recommended vendors which helps on saving for our wedding expenses. So for couples with upcoming weddings, we highly recommend using the Hitcheed app to help with your research and planning."
Anch Yap
"My fiance and I first discovered Hitcheed on the sponsored Facebook ads as we were heavily looking for vendors for our wedding. From there, we followed the page for news and tips and eventually went for their High Flyer Special. It was a right time as we were looking for a videographer to deliver quality video with the right price (as we were on tight budget). Upon signing we also got to spin the wheel and earned ourselves some vouchers - it wasn’t much but it was good enough to take home after spending a hefty amount :P All in all, it was a great event and I would recommend couples who are planning for their wedding and have no idea where to start to attend wedding shows/fairs like Hitcheed! "
Magdeline Lim
Open uri20180409 4 69ftm0?1523240316
"Hitcheed's Facebook page appeared on my newsfeed as a sponsored ad and I decided to check the page out. The page is useful to us as it gave us a lot of options in terms of vendors, and we immediately signed up for the wedding show the moment it was publicized. I think Hitcheed is the one-stop portal that really aids wedding couples like us in our journey of finding the right professionals to work with in order to make our big day as perfect as it can be. Can't wait to attend more of the wedding shows / events organized by Hitcheed!"
Katrina Khoe
"Chris & I attended 2 Hitcheed meet & greet events and both were very useful for us. The location was very strategic, there was ample time to explore the event, and the vendor variation was great with fantastic offers! We look forward to the upcoming Hitcheed events and would definitely check out the app too for reference :)"
Nissa Melina
"I got to know Hitcheed through a wedding fb grp. Initially, I thought that its no harm trying the app, since there is no cost involved. So I went on to the website to indicate my request without really browsing through the partner vendors. What really touched me the most is having a personnel (Chee Yang), who called me chatted w me about my preferences. I thought this call was very important. Weddings, after all, is about people. The matching of the couples' needs to vendors may not be always done well by the science of aglorithms. Hitcheed, having to know their partner vendors well, was able to match my needs very accurately. When the vendors contacted me, I ended up being spoilt for choice as they all had their different strengths and styles, yet all fitting to my price preference. This is particularly useful for brides to be, as much time is wasted in enquiring rate cards of vendors. Hitcheed was also useful in presenting just 3 to 4 solid vendors for me to choose. Hence, selection was a breeze, and I was sure that I have made good choices. In the end, I settled a few items with Hitcheed. The rebates were definitely a bonus. Cost savings are definitely welcome for any brides! "
Jasmine Ngu
"Hitcheed has a variety of vendors for us to meet and discuss. The vendors were very professional and “non-pushy”, which we found this service highly satisfactory. In addition, the sure win lucky draw was a positive reward system for us. "
Abital Ang
Open uri20180410 4 1jfuwko?1523348628
"We found out about Hitcheed online and decided to register for their wedding event. We were not disappointed! It was fantastic to have so many packages and bridal studios all concentrated in one location. Not to mention that we managed to find a bridal studio that was suitable for us, and even snagging some rather attractive discounts at the same time. We definitely recommend couples who are still somewhat clueless about their upcoming wedding to drop by their next wedding show. Way to go, Hitcheed!"
Kenneth Goh


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