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Acapella Photography is located in Singapore and founded by Associate Master Photographer (UK) Joe Teng. We specialized in Wedding and Portraits Photography. Joe is an Associate Master Photographer in the Wedding Photography category under The Master Photography Association UK, a testament to his capabilities as a professional photographer. This title is a recognition of Joe's capabilities and achievements - cementing his status as a noted photographer in the eyes of not his day to day customers, but in the professional realm as well.
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229 Joo Chiat Rd, #02-02, Singapore 427489

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Vivien Ting-An Chen

Luck must have favoured us when the much sought after, Master photographer Joe Teng from Acapella Photography, was recommended to us by our wedding planner. After browsing through his portfolio, Andy and I had no qualms to engage him as our overseas wedding photographer in Budapest & Dresden and we were clearly not disappointed. Initially, we were in a dilemma, trying to decide on the perfect destination for our wedding shoot. Thankfully, Joe managed to give us his invaluable expertise on the matter. Relying on his vast experience in overseas shoot, he patiently filtered out and we decided on the location for our shoot. Working hard to get the impeccable shot for us, we realised that not only was Joe an easy going person to get along with but also a person who was passionate about his work. He was indeed efficient in keeping track of the timing of the sunrise and sunset to get the right backdrop of scenery for our pictures. Being meticulous, he paid attention on the smallest details to capture all the awesome pictures. We felt completely at ease and comfortable during the shoot as he guided us on how to pose. On top of it, he was able to choose the nicest profile or angle to capture the best of us. We were pleased beyond words when the big reveal came. It was much better than what we expected. To date, Joe is now more than just a photographer as we have become close friends . We felt that Joe has lived up to his name of being one of the top renowned wedding photographers. Without a doubt, we would definitely recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for their pre wed photo shoot.

Peh Qin Zhen Christabelle

It has been a year and a half knowing Joe, the Master behind all the works of Acapella Photography. It has been a very fun, enjoyable and pleasant journey from enquiring about his services, to planning & conceptualizing the shoot, to the actual shoot, to post-shoot follow ups, to becoming good friends now. His dedication and passion to what he does really inspires me. He constantly tries to improve on his works and give his very best to each customer, even when it comes to little details like the font he used for his wedding albums, etc. He works extremely efficiently and would be able to meet impossible deadlines (not encouraging anyone to do that. let’s be kind to him, alright? haha!). Through the conversations we had and the time spent together with him, I feel that he is extremely professional and experienced. Most importantly, remarkably skillful in his craft. My fiancé and I had our pre-wed shoot in Germany in winter, February 2018. I was amazed when he actually went the extra mile just to take that perfect shot for us by climbing walls and lying down on the ground even though the weather was so cold. When we had long road trips, he would take the initiative to help us take over the wheel so that we could also catch some rest in the car. He has been very accommodating to our requests as well. He bought us a souvenir at the end of the trip - how sweet and thoughtful of him! It’s been more than 3 months now and I still can’t seem to recover from my post pre-wed shoot blues. The entire trip was truly wonderful and memorable. I have introduced many of my friends to Acapella Photography and till now, I would still recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a pre-wed or actual day wedding photographer. The price of their packages may not be the lowest in the market but you can definitely expect to receive very quality works & high standards of services from them. THUMBS UP!

Elin Wong

We engaged Joe and Raine as our photographer and makeup artist for our overseas pre-wedding shoot in Italy, as well as for our wedding day, and would highly recommend them! We shortlisted Acapella as our preferred style after reviewing several popular portfolios online. After meeting Joe in person, we were convinced by his passion and dedication to getting the best shots even in challenging weather conditions. Throughout the shoots, Joe and Raine (as well as Marcus for our actual day) were very professional, hardworking and friendly while guiding us on how to pose, and made us feel very comfortable with their constant jokes. We also appreciate that they rushed out the photo album, montage and canvases in time for our wedding day despite the short leadtime. We would definitely recommend Acapella if you are looking for a high quality, trustworthy and dedicated team for your wedding photography.

Jai Krishnan

We were looking for actual day wedding photography and chanced upon acapella photography. The then fiance thought it was quite a good work and asked me to contact them. Met up with Joe, who is really friendly and did not try to hard sell at all. He was patient in explaining the different types of photography and his was the one that we liked :) needless to say we were very happy with his and his team's work making the wedding day photography a very smooth sailing and happy one :D they made all our friends and families comfortable and laugh throughout without having to re take many shots like other wedding photographers. Everything was very well planned and coordinated we enjoyed it very much! Very recommended !

ZhiQi Kwang

I was referred by a good friend to Acapella on one occassion and Joe happened to be my overseas pre wed photographer. The recommendation could not be any better! Joe's professionalism and enthusiasm is absolutely top notch. He is someone who will go the extra mile to get that perfect shot and you will end up with many awesome shots! My overseas pre wed album has many raving praises from my friends and I would definitely recommend Joe to any couples who are looking into getting a photographer for any occassion!



Did an overseas destination pre-wedding shoot with Joe to Vienna / Hallstatt and I am not exaggerating when I say that engaging Acapella Photography was the best choice I made during the wedding planning. Joe pursues perfection in every single photo and his commitment to excellence is evident in every photo he produces such that choosing the best photos is now rendered a very difficult task (but it is a happy problem which all couples wish for). He never hesitates to go the extra mile for us because he emphasises that he understands how much effort we have made to travel overseas for a shoot. His diligent research on the shooting locations and his expertise in angling and directing poses also ensured that the shoot was a breeze. Aside from his dedication to his craft of photography, which I genuinely believe is unrivalled by any other photographer, he is also an extremely warm, humorous and sociable person who is generous and kind. I am so proud to call him a close friend now :)


Slightly before our wedding, my now husband and I werelooking through tons of wedding portfolios for photographers we liked the styles of. One of them was Joe's of acapella photography. I remember contacting him and he immediately agreed to meet up and have a chat when he's back from his overseas shoot. The day we met up with him was the day we decided to stop our hunt for photographers and without a doubt in our minds, select him as our wedding photographer. He was someone who is friendly, flexible and talented. We were so impressed that we signed up for both pre-wedding and actual day shoots. Initially, we wanted to have our photoshoot in Singapore. However, Joe suggested we do it in Penang instead as he had just been there for a photo session and was impressed by the sights. He offered to let us change the photoshoot location without any extra cost! Throughout the 3 days there, the 3 of us had tons of fun sharing the local delights and taking in the sights. He made a very tiring experience fun and enjoyable! On the actual day itself, Joe and Marcus brought so much joy to my relatives and friends with their endless teasings and laughter and their signature "woooo hooo!!!"s. Everyone was impressed by their attitude and the pre-wedding photos they took of my hubby and I. On the day itself, a few of my friends actually asked me for their contact so that they could get them to take their wedding photos too! And needless to say, the wedding albums were AMAZING. Wonderful layout and superior quality! Joe even edited so many extra photos for us!! All in all, getting acapella photography to be our wedding photographer was the best choice ever! They are now not only our wedding photographers, but our friends too! Definitely recommend their services to everyone! Thanks, Joe and Marcus!

Angeline Wong S C

Joe was my photographer for our wedding photoshoot. Raine Yeo was my hair and make up artist. I had many other choices but decided to choose them as we were told of the good reviews they have received. After the photoshoot, both my husband and I agreed that Joe was very professional but also managed to create a supportive and relaxing atmosphere during the shoot. He lead us, showed us and took many many shots which we were glad as it was easier to choose pictures afterwards. It didnt take Joe long to show us samples of the photoshoot to satisfy our eagerness to see the results. Many friends commented our pre-edited photos were beautiful! His artistic eye for details and color tones made our edited pictures perfect. Raine did a fantastic job for my hair and make-up. Loved her works. Thanking u guys, Angie and Tim

Aaron Rylan

Our Photographer was Mr Joe. Joe is the first person we met, discussed, liaise with all along. Acapella Photography in general provided us with in-depth advice with pictures to verify and clarify. Mr. Joe had done numerous overseas wedding photo shoot, with such invaluable background, we were impress by the advice and decisions he propose to ensure we will achieve the best possible outcome during our stay at Iceland. In addition his pricing was reasonable. During our stay at Iceland, Mr. Joe was very very accommodative. He was very professional when he has to and he was down to earth and flexible with our lifestyle. Hats down to Mr. Joe for his professionalism. During the different shoots, he gave guidance to us on how to post, where to look, posture, etc. He was patient to allow us to adapt, Iceland is a cold country, it was not easy for both couple and the Photographer. i strongly recommend Acapella for their different approach in this industry, very difficult to engage a good, legit and honest photographer these days. Lastly, Mr. Joe is also quick and prompt with the results and delivering us the end product to meet our dateline. AMAZING COMPANY! A+++++++++++++++++++++!

Haldamir Léralondë

Upon deciding to go overseas for our pre-wedding photo shoot, my fiancée and I look around for photographers, and the portfolio of Acapella Photography caught our eye. We were very much impressed by their photography style, in particular, the ability to bring out the focus on the couple amid a beautiful background. Meeting up with Joe Teng for the first time was a pleasant encounter. We had initially wanted to go to New Zealand but he advised us to go to Iceland, showing us samples of photos that he had taken there. Joe was particularly helpful in helping us plan for the trip, including the suggestions of locations for the photo-shoot. During the actual shoot, Joe was enthusiastic, and very much willing to climb difficult terrains, and not minding the long hours of the shoot, just to get the perfect photos. In our opinion, he is a professional photographer who really cares about getting the best photos for the couple. Post-trip, Joe edited and compiled the photos into an album professionally. We must say that we did requested for changes to be made more than once, but he was more than willing to accommodate. Certainly, his work can be said to be one of the highest quality that is out there in the market. Would we recommend Joe to couples that are looking to go overseas for their pre-wedding photo-shoot? If one is looking for perfect photos and someone that would be willing to go the distance for the couple, Joe and Acapella Photography is certainly the choice that one should go for! A five star photographer! :)

Acapella Photography

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