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The best stories need to have a strong loving theme, unforgettable characters, a fascinating plot, a fitting structure and an appealing style. As The Next Chapter Film narrates your storyline; they capture the intimate moments and weave them into an enchanting chapter of your relationship. Ranging from wedding proposal to pre-wedding concept video to wedding photo montage, you know you can definitely trust The Next Chapter Film with your wedding affair.

Powered by a team of three veterans in the industry, The Next Chapter Film tells stories through their camera lenses, producing masterpieces woven together from the fleeting moments of each couple’s happiest moment in their life. We had a chat with Teck Kuan, the founder and creative director of The Next Chapter Film, to find out how he got into wedding videography and his deep passion for documenting couple's’ blissful weddings.

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Read on to find out some of the attractive perks The Next Chapter Film has in store for you as they welcome you to join in their celebration of reaching yet another milestone of turning 3 this year!

Getting to know The Next Chapter Film & Teck Kuan

Hitcheed: Hi Teck Kuan, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, could you tell us how did you start with videography and The Next Chapter Film?

Teck Kuan: The Next Chapter Film was established on 1 September 2014. Even though we just turned 3 this month, my experience goes a long way back since December 2008. Back then, my cousin was graduating from NTU and he had the intentions of starting his career in wedding videography. As a freshman, I thought it was good money and the commitment was little, so I agreed to it and we started out with a small handy-cam and a camcorder before DSLR videography became popular. Slowly, it evolved to become a passion and I wanted it to evolve into something bigger. In 2010, I started taking on my own clients providing same-day-edit wedding highlight and wedding day coverage services to my couples. When I graduated from NTU in 2012, I made my choice in wedding videography since then, I worked as a freelance wedding videographer for 2 years. In early 2014, I felt that the only way to go further and to reach out to more couples was to sell a brand name instead of selling my own services. If I could share my workflow and experience with new videographers, more couples can enjoy the experience with us. With the help from my then-fiancée, The Next Chapter Film, was born.

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Hitcheed: We heard that you are a graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering, what made you choose this career path instead?

Teck Kuan: Having graduated from Aerospace Engineering, many of my family and friends asked why did I choose to become a wedding videographer and not an aerospace engineer. The greatest reason is that I love what I was doing. I get to meet people from all walks of life. I get to talk to different people and understand their occupations, relationships and love stories. Our job involves a lot of running around, from meeting couples to going all over Singapore with our couples. We laugh with our couples during gatecrashing; we tear with the couple when the wedding vows are sealed; we witness the intimate bonds between family members and our couple when they make their thank you speech on stage. Every time we witness the unfolding of a love story before our very eyes, it further strengthens the commitment that we have towards our loved ones. Being a business owner, I’m given a lot of flexibility to run the way I live my life but everything in the business also requires my attention.

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Hitcheed: How would you describe your wedding videography style?

Teck Kuan: Our videos are shot by humans, for humans. We aim to bring out aesthetics through emotions. I would always tell my couples, “My job is to bring the U out of you”. Even though we are there as camera professionals, I will never forget that we’re human beings first. Emotions are something we can never replicate; hence, emotions form the skeleton in all our videos.

Our shots are carefully framed to capture all the expressions, gestures and emotions that mean so much more than words; Songs selected to put across the right ambiance and mood; Crisp and undistorted audio that encapsulates the wedding vows, well wishes from loved ones or a sincere song from the heart. We put these simple yet key elements together to formulate your dream chapter that ends with happily ever after.

We are not just about producing quality videos, but also catering an unforgettable experience to our couples. Hit us up to find out more about what we offer. We look forward to being part of your wedding to share the fun and laughter, tears of joy and tugging of heart strings, as you become one with your other half, embarking on the next chapter together.

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Hitcheed: What do you think are the reasons wedding couples choose you to do their wedding/pre-wedding shoots?

Teck Kuan: In the modern digital age we living in, technology is constantly evolving. Anyone with a smartphone these days would be capable to capture and share photos and videos on social media daily. Hence, anyone can shoot and upload photos and videos, but to go deeper, it relays life experiences. We choose to understand our couples as human beings first, clients second. We genuinely want to find out about their relationship, their story, before we even go into their wedding day. When a couple confirms their service engagement with us, we will send them a questionnaire to find out more about their story and their wedding day. It’s a proprietary questionnaire that I’ve derived in 2015 because since I started doing weddings; I found that it’s difficult for us to work during the wedding day if we don’t understand our couples enough. Hence, with the completed questionnaire, we take time to understand our couples at a deeper level and it aligns our goals.

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Hitcheed: What are some of your favorite spots to shoot? Why?

Teck Kuan: My favorite spots for filming are places that my couples frequently dated at. I’m not a Hollywood director; neither are our couples Hollywood actors and actresses. As Asian Chinese, we live in a conservative society. It may be difficult to put themselves in their usual dating manner when the camera is rolling. Equipped with the questionnaire that they’ve completed, we will take a walk down memory lane to places that they’re familiar with. With the right setting and our research done, couples will find themselves in familiar places with experiences that they may be able to relate to.

I try to avoid seeing high-rise buildings in my shots. I’m more of a nature person.

Image Credit: The Next Chapter Film 

Image Credit: The Next Chapter Film 

Hitcheed: What are your favorite tips for couples when they are on video shoots with you?

Teck Kuan: If you’re in Singapore, choose the golden hours of the day (before 0900hrs & after 1600hrs) because Singapore is hot and humid. Filming in the golden hours will help ease the heat and at the same time, gives us beautiful images because of the sun being in a good spot. As mentioned previously, couples should see us as humans, as their friends and not mere cameramen; couples should share their stories with us as we hope to get to know them more and lastly, to pick familiar places in your love journey that you have fond memories of.

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Hitcheed: How should couples decide who to pick and what questions should they ask or factors they should consider when choosing wedding videographers?

Teck Kuan: Couples should be open to not only share but also listen to what we can offer for your wedding day. The price quantum may be important, but getting a videographer, who truly cares to listen and share too, is more important. Ultimately, anyone who owns a camera can be a videographer, but how many truly care about you as a person?

Another thing I tell my couple when I meet them is the fact that they’re willing to meet up with me, I’ve already won half the battle because they see the value I can create for them. The next half is really decided on whether they like me as a person. Hence, a true wedding videographer takes time to not only listen to the couple’s story, and in turn, share valuable tips and contacts to help them in the wedding planning. They only get one shot in this; they definitely don’t want to screw it up. Hence, getting the right videographer is important. I’ve been to almost 500 weddings in more than 8.5 years of my videography journey in the wedding industry. I would love to share possible pitfalls to avoid in wedding planning and create value for my couples.

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Hitcheed: What would your dream wedding video shoot entail?

Teck Kuan: You should be able to guess by now. The #1 ingredient in a dream wedding video is that it contains all the important people in the couples’ lives and their emotions on their big day, which can never be repeated. I hope to immortalize these moments into an intimate video for the couple on their wedding day and also into a time capsule in their marriage.

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Hitcheed: How do you make your videos stand out from the others?

Teck Kuan: I think customer service is the key to what I do. At the end of the day, I hope that our couples will not remember us as a videographer on their wedding day but perhaps more inclusively, a friend, one who brings out the U in you. We sell experiences, not videos.

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Hitcheed: What is your price for your Full Day wedding videography package and what can the couples expect?

Teck Kuan: Our valued couples can choose from the following GR8! and HI5! packages as follow.

Image Credit: The Next Chapter Film 

Image Credit: The Next Chapter Film 

We invite all couples to join us in celebrating our milestone of turning 3 as a team this year! Sign up for our HI5! and GR8! Package during our birthday month, September, from 01 September to 01 October 2017 and couples would be entitled to enjoy $300 off from the HI5! or GR8! Package.  

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Divided into chapters, The Next Chapter Film would also present a wedding documentary film DVD for their valued couples. The DVD is a compilation of each couple’s wedding journey. The wedding film documentary is enclosed in an exquisite DVD cover and case – a little something from The Next Chapter Film to celebrate each couple’s happily ever after!

Email The Next Chapter Film at to find out more on how you can be entitled to this birthday month discount.

The passion the team in The Next Chapter Film has for wedding videography and human interaction, in general, built them a strong, loyal followings and supporters. The hard work thus far for the past three years had garnered a huge amount of positive testimonials and word of mouth from their past clients, namely the couples that they have interacted with.

Celebrate with The Next Chapter Film as the turn 3 this year and have in house an attractive discount of $300 off their HI5! And GR8! Wedding videography package. Hitcheed wishes The Next Chapter Film a fruitful wedding videography journey ahead as they move on to share the fun and laughter, the tears of joy and the tugging of heartstrings with couples who become one with their other half, embarking on the next chapter together. Happy Birthday The Next Chapter Film! 

Moved by their passion for pre-wedding videography and want to engage in their services? Hit them up for a chat and view some of their past projects here

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