10 Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venues That Do Not Break Your Bank

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Getting married is a once-in-lifetime event and it is such a huge affair. The planning of the wedding and ensuring that everything is within the budget is going to take a huge toll on you. No doubt that a wedding is a joyous occasion but it is also a costly one. Having heard all your laments that Singapore is a very expensive place to get married, we’ve scouted a list of outdoor wedding venues that are romantic and yet affordable, being slightly easier on your pocket. Stunning and affordable to boot, you can set aside the remaining amount of money on building your own nest. 

1. Senso Ristorante & Bar

Tucked in the heritage shophouses along Club Street, Senso Ristorante & Bar is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This place is a hot favourite among brides-to-be because of its neo-classical architecture, which is an amalgamation of the understated elegance of British colonial architecture and sophistication of the 21st century. If you are looking for a venue that is whimsy, Senso is the right place for you. With its woven rattan chairs and beige cushions in its outdoor courtyard area, the place is intimate and refined. You can satisfy your palate with the Italian cuisine at an affordable price range. With 3-course and 4-course menu available at a decent price, Senso is the ideal place for an intimate wedding.
Minimum Cost: S$380 

2. El Mero Mero

Hola! El Mero Mero is the place for you to hold your wedding if you are in for a gastronomic Mexican feast. The perfect combination of a chic-contemporary restaurant with a relaxed bar atmosphere, El Mero Mero is able to prepare a variety of unique Mexican dishes for your guests and you. The alfresco style dining area could be set aside for your wedding solemnization, all perfect for a cozy get-together for your guests and you. Check El Mero Mero out because the price tag would definitely not scare you away.
Image Credit: El Mero Mero
Minimum Cost: S$1,350

3. Our Marriage Vows

With Our Marriage Vows, you could have your wedding solemnization and reception in the tranquility of the lush greenery. Tucked in the serene corner of Singapore, couples could engage in their service at an affordable price with a quiet and private setting. If an opulent style wedding is not for you, opt for Our Marriage Vows to pledge your eternal vows in the natural environment.

Image Credit: Our Marriage Vows
Minimum Cost: S$1,388

4. Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Think hotels and most couples are worried about the hefty prices that they would have to pay. However, Park Hotel Clarke Quay is at the more affordable end so fret not. At Park Hotel Clarke Quay, you could hold a charming outdoor solemnization ceremony or an intimate wedding at the outdoor poolside of the hotel. Overlooking the scenic Singapore River, it is an ideal venue for your most perfect day. With the exquisite cuisine, cozy ambience and dedicated service from the planning team, you are in to bask in the best moments of your lifetime.

Minimum Cost: S$2,888

5. Mambo Beach Club

The beach, the sea breeze and the stunning sunset, host your outdoor wedding at one of the most memorable place you could think of. The Mambo Beach Club is the place for you and your better half. Imagine pledging your vows or marching in with your partner with the romantic sunset as the backdrop. Located in one of Singapore’s most popular beaches, this place is ideal for escaping from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

Image Credit: Mambo Beach Club
Minimum Cost: S$3,000

6. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Also located in Sentosa Island, Sofitel Singapore Resort & Spa is a 5-star resort hotel. For the place and atmosphere it boasts, the price tag attached to it is to be considered rather affordable. If you think otherwise, let the scenic scenery and vibe of the place convince you. Perched at the top of a cliff rising above Tanjong Beach, the place is a tropical haven of tranquility and relaxation. Nestled in the lush greenery, just ride beside the sea, this place totally spells “romantic”.

Minimum Cost: S$3,458

7. Vineyard

In the verdant greens of Singapore’s Southern Ridges, Vineyard at Hort Park is the perfect venue for a beautiful and distinguished wedding with its charming and rustic interior. The team at Vineyard is also dedicated to provide you with your best wedding day experience, being able to tailor your special day to your needs. Your wedding solemnization area could be decorated with the theme of your choice. Boasting the greenery of one of Singapore’s largest park reserves, this place is the perfect spot to hold a wedding.

Image Credit: Vineyard
Minimum Cost: S$3,500

8. Tanjong Beach Club

A serene sanctuary located on the finest sun-soaked stretch of sand in Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club is the best wedding venue you could ever dream for. Designed to be ideal for both indoor and outdoors, this beach club takes its cue from the calming waters. Are you both a lover of the sea and fun in the sun? Tanjong Beach Club is the place to be.

Image Credit: Tanjong Beach Club
Minimum Cost: S$5,000 

9. Aura

Another one to add onto the list, Aura is another wedding venue that serves an exquisite Italian fare. Good food that tantalizes your taste buds is coupled with a picturesque view of the Marina Bay skyline. Located at the rooftop of the iconic National Gallery Singapore, Aura is the place for a regal outdoor wedding. With a million-dollar skyline view of Singapore and the gastronomic food, your guests and you are in for a good treat.  

Image Credit: Aura
Minimum Cost: S$5,888

10. The Epicurean State

Last but not the least, this “venue” must be the venue that will leave your jaws agape. We are talking about outdoor weddings but this one takes you out to the sea. Book the yacht and you could hold your wedding ceremony while taking a short cruise around Singapore’s stunning metropolis and admire the breathtaking natural beauty of the nearby islands. Cruise along the Southern Islands of Singapore, share the joy with your guests and have your premium catering or BBQ onboard. This option is ideal for couples who share the love for the seas.

Image Credit: The Epicurean State
Minimum Cost: S$6,000
Holding a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to splurge or break your bank, with the aforementioned venues, you could easily cut cost and spend the money wisely on something else with your spouse. Download the hitcheed app on App Store and Google Play to explore more venue choices. 

Click here for full listing of venues available. 

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