10 Secret Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Singapore We Wish We Knew

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We have curated a list of overseas destinations for your pre-wedding photoshoot that will leave your jaw ajar as they leave you speechless with their beauty. However, if you do not want to burn your pockets and still want to get picturesque photos for your pre-wedding photography, never underestimate what we have in our tiny sunny island. Whether you love the lushness greeneries or vibrant cityscape, we uncover the few best hidden gems in Singapore for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Hidden Gems Tucked In The Forgotten

For the couple that loves to explore the different parts of our sunny island, these places are for you. Tucked in the more isolated part of the island, these places might be deemed inaccessible but are truly hidden gems that could deliver you with bountiful scenic views. Well, the photos taken sure do not look like they were taken in Singapore. 

1. Seletar (Seletar Road, Upper Seletar Reservoir)

Think Seletar and the only thing people think of is the Upper Seletar Reservoir. However, if you are in for an adventure, Seletar Road does just right for you. With the abandoned old bus stop and black-and-white British Colonial houses, the place screams “Hipster”. Being tucked away in a corner of Singapore, you feel like you have gone back in time. With the charismatic backdrop, your photographs are going to come out looking chic and timeless.

 Image Credit: Annabel Law Productions - Zhiyi & Minlin

If you are looking for vast areas of grass or woods for romantic shoots, Seletar Road serves its purpose too. As dusk approaches, pose in the woods as the magic hour sets your photographs in a flattering hue.  

Image Credit: Leslie Photography - Marcus & JeanetteImage Credit: Smittenpixels Photography - Eddy & Christie

Seletar has a lot of photogenic spots and will definitely not leave you empty-handed.

2. Tuas

Tuas is slowly becoming the must-go place for photoshoots in Singapore. Before it becomes too popular due to the bandwagon effect, quickly get your wedding photoshoot done there. At the endless vast fields with tall grasses and lalangs, you could get some of the stunning shots when the sunrise or sunset comes out to play. It is rare to find empty areas of land in Singapore but you have aplenty in Tuas. Run around in patches of grasses or set up a mat for a picnic, you can definitely do any themes for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Tuas. With the bare land, barbwires and fences, the photos are sure to exude rustic vibes.

Image Credit: Leslie Photography - Shu Sheng & JoyceImage Credit: AndroidsinBoots - Bryan & Peiqi

Sanctuary With Lush Greeneries

For the nature lovers, these places are sanctuaries on Earth. With aplenty of greeneries and accents of Mother Nature, these places serve to provide you with the tranquility away from the concrete jungle. Get away from the hustle and bustle with your pre-wedding photoshoot at these locations. 

3. Punggol (Punggol Waterway Park, Punggol Jetty Park, Punggol Lalang Field)

Punggol being tucked in the most northeastern part of Singapore is definitely a hidden gem with many different locations for your pre-wedding shoots.

Image Credit: Smittenpixels Photography - Bryan & Phoebe

The Punggol lalang field is one of such locations. Coupled with great natural lighting and soft tendrils of the lalang, your photographs are sure to exude a pure feeling of romance and bohemian vibes. Pose along and soak in the natural glow of the sun.

Image Credit: Plush Photography - Shian & Karen

The Punggol Waterway Park also boasts a couple of scenic spots where there is a beautiful mix of flora and fauna. Choose from the array of views for your photoshoot like the jewel bridge, sunrise bridge and the kelong bridge.

Image Credit: Chris Chang Photography - Welson & Tracy

4. Lower Peirce Reservoir

Always enthralled by water? The Lower Peirce Reservoir is going to be a splendid pre-wedding photoshoot location for you. Being nestled in a quiet area, this place gives you both greenery and sparkling water. The serenity and tranquility of the reservoir is going to add a soft gentle touch to your wedding photos (and even your heart).

Image Credit: Annabel Law Productions - Melvin & Stephanie

5. Fort Canning

As one of Singapore’s oldest landmark, Fort Canning oozes with distinctive charm and rich heritage. Sited just next to the Registry of Marriages, wedding couples just could not give this place a miss for their pre-wedding photoshoot. With lush greeneries, your wedding photographer can sure make your photos look majestic. The stained brick walls and brown leaves sure add some historic elements to the photos too.

Image Credit: John15 Photography - Justin & Huey Hian

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

For the wanderlusters and explorers, these places would be ideal for you. An “island” away from the island, does it sound like a short vacation? 

6. Coney Island

Escape from the hustle and bustle of our concrete island and have your own fairytale-themed photoshoot in the woods of Coney Island. Lined with tall and dense trees, gorgeous wooden canopies and lalang fields, anywhere in Coney Island is sure to form a fitting backdrop for a dreamy and tranquil shoot.

(P.S Please remember to bring a lot of insect repellant because there might be mosquitoes.)

Image Credit: Click! Photography - Daniel & SherminImage Credit: Leslie Photography - Shu Sheng & Joyce

7. Outward Bound Singapore (Pulau Ubin)

Born an adventurer? Outward Bound Singapore at Pulau Ubin might be the place for you to take your pre-wedding photoshoot at. This is especially so if both of you are avid lovers of outdoors expeditions and high elements. Together, reminisce the days where you soak in the sunlight, having kayaking expeditions and swinging down from the zip line. 

Image Credit: Click! Photography - Benjamin & Rachel

Not Your Mainstream Hangout

In the recent years, hipster hobbies such as café hopping have been trending. Living by the saying of “If it is mainstream, it’s not cool”, these places in Singapore is definitely cool because they are not your usual hangout. For the couples that are the trendsetters and not followers, these unique spots in Singapore will fully reflect your hipster blood. 

8. Arab Street & Sultan Road

With the attention-grabbing and bold murals on the walls, this part of Singapore is definitely the land for photographers. Couples can stand in front of graffiti and post for candid shots that would bring smiles to our faces. The rows of streets with vivid and lively paintings definitely bring in eclectic vibes into any photos taken. Roam around for more religious landmark such as the Sultan Mosque where more majestic photos could be taken. Be a tourist for the day as you venture into more rows of shop houses.

Image Credit: Annabel Law Productions - Shareem & Ayisha

 Image Credit: Douglas Fun Photography

9. Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru might be the secret hideout for hipsters but wedding couples looking for a pre-wedding photoshoot spot should definitely check the estate out. Tiong Bahru is a district that is hip and happening with cafes full of personalities and ambience. The architecture of Tiong Bahru is minimalist with a vintage mix that exudes a sense of nostalgia. With intricate wall arts littered all over the estate, Tiong Bahru is definitely the photoshoot location for the chic couple.

Image Credit: Smittenpixels Photography - Bryan & Phoebe

Literary Geek-Out

If museum and gallery hopping is what the both of you enjoy as a pastime, we bet that the following places mentioned will have you grinning from ear to ear. 

10. National Gallery, Victoria Concert Hall

For the artistic couple who are frequent gallerygoers, the National Gallery and Victoria Concert Hall are the ideal places to have your pre-wedding photoshoot. With the pristine white walls and pillars, and sleek architecture, they are the new haven for photographers. The architecture of the National Gallery and Victoria Concert Hall seamlessly join the neo-classical style and new modernist style together to give an iconic mix, allowing for some picturesque photos to be taken. The colonial exterior of the landmark is a juxtaposition of how modern and sleek the interior designs of the places are.

Image Credit: Antelope Studios - Kenny & Clara, Sam & Michelle

Regardless of whether the location has certain significance to you and your other half or it is just a location in the island which both of you love, capturing these moments for your pre-wedding photoshoot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You do not have to head overseas to experience photoshoot in a wide selection of places. Download hitcheed app on App Store or Google Play to browse through the portfolios of the professional photographers. You are definitely on your way to create a unique set of photos and memories that are distinctive and inimitable, right to your liking. 

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