10 Top Photographers You Can Hire Below S$2000 for Actual Day Photoshoot

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Image Credits: Love Confetti Stills & Motion

Planning your wedding on a budget can get overwhelming with all the price tags associated with the major details. This makes it hard for you to see the big picture for your unforgettable celebration. The key to determining how much you can spend on your big day? Defining top priorities and setting clear boundaries. Here at Hitcheed, we help you to do just that:

  • Plan your wedding budget: 
    Determine the max amount you want to spend on your celebration, and stick to it!

  • Set your priorities: 
    For some couples, their priorities are the same, whereas, with others, the bride and groom have different expectations and place different importance on the way the budget should be spent. Create a full list of every item your wedding budget should include!

  • Go from low to high:
    Allocate more budget to what’s more important to you, your guests, and your families. If an overseas pre-wedding shoot is the most important thing to both the bride and groom, find a photographer you love and make that a high. This allows you to afford that photographer within your given budget. Take note that the items that are on the low side of the budget should be below budget and the high items should not exceed your budget.

  • Splurge or Save?
    As a rule of thumb, 40% of your wedding budget should go to the actual day costs–venue, food catering costs, event décor, gown and suit rental, photography, entertainment, flowers. Most couples spend on aspects of the day guests will enjoy the most or allocate more budget to photography and videography to look back on your special day.

With all that planning, we’re here to make your plans for engaging actual day photography services easier. We rounded up 10 of the top photographers you can hire for less than S$2,000 for your actual day.

1. Douglas Fun Photography

Image Credits: Douglas Fun Photography 

Actual day photography typically starts from the morning preparations and customary ceremonies. Plan a fun atmosphere with your photographer to make these moments last forever! Share with your photographer mood shots or images you've pinned from your wedding research that you like.

Find out more about Douglas Fun Photography here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,800

2. Meteor Productions

Image Credits: Meteor Productions 

We love church weddings for the grand halls and classical architecture. Do a walkabout around the venue before the wedding with your photographer, if possible, to find interesting angles to capture those special moments.

Find out more about Meteor Productions here
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,300

3. iSnap Photography

Image Credits: iSnap Photography 

Sometimes, the wedding couple have time between the morning festivities and the reception. Plan with your photographer for a detour shoot with your bridal party to make the most of your big day. 

Find out more about iSnap Photography here
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,800

4. Lightcraft Creative Studios

Image Credits: Lightcraft Creative Studios 

Make the photoshoot your own when you inject your own personalities and style into the shoot. Choose places that resonate most with you so you can shoot and pose comfortably. 

Find out more about Lightcraft Creative Studios here
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,800

5. 1st Journal Production

Image Credits: 1st Journal Production

Gatecrash photos are a crowd's favourite as the bridesmaids take center stage and task the groom and his groomsmen with challenging tasks that are always a great moments to look back upon.

Find out more about 1st Journal Production here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,600

6. The Forever Film

Image Credits: The Forever Film

Your bridal party gets to showcase their outfits for the day, especially in the photoshoots before the busyness of the reception starts. Ask your photographer for individual photos with your bridal parties so you can print and share them with them after the wedding, as a thank-you gesture!

Find out more about The Forever Film here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,788

7. Loveinstills

Image Credits: Loveinstills

Actual day photography is one of the services to budget the most for. Not only can you share it with friends and family after the wedding, you get to choose the photos that go into the album as a keepsake of one of the most special days of your lives.

Find out more about Loveinstills here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,900

8. Visio Workz

Image Credits: Visio Workz

For the brides, actual day photography is another chance to showcase your gowns! Opt for a different style from your pre-wedding shoot to get a greater variety of photos to share and display after the wedding.

Find out more about Visio Workz here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,638

9. Depthofeel

Image Credits: Depthofeel

Capture the intimate moments throughout the day! Discuss with your photographer if there are any particular shots you'd like to emulate or are inspired by.

Find out more about Depthofeel here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,880

10. Love Confetti Stills & Motion

Image Credits: Love Confetti Stills & Motion

It's always fun to include your bridal party into the shoot as it's a special celebration for them as well. Keep in mind the colour coordination of their outfits as there are many options out there! 

Find out more about Love Confetti Stills & Motion here.
Actual Day Photography Rates Start From: S$1,600

Who says wedding photography on your big day can't be amazing and affordable?

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