20 Taobao Wedding Items You Must Have

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Want your wedding to look like a magical royal event without having to pay an arm and a leg? Or have the best door gifts for your loved ones to remember your special day without forking out exorbitant prices?

We’ve decided to trawl the expansive ocean that is Taobao and collate these 20 wedding items you must have for your wedding to make it look like the beautiful, classy and most of all, worth every penny.

Do away with those standard issue pink and white boxes for your door gifts and wow your guests with these beautiful bride and groom gift boxes that will sure have them squealing “so cute

...Or even a traditional auspicious red packaging to please your elders?

Just for the sake of it, how about these beautiful and intricately made matching wedding invitations?

A creative way to make sure guest’s well wishes will always be on display

A wooden carved musical box as a centrepiece or wedding memorabilia

This beautiful laser cut "bride and groom" decoration, for the backs of your chair, a photoprop, or anywhere you want to place it!

Spend your first night as a couple swathed in the comfort of this rose gold hue bedspread that screams luxe~

Dried or fake soap flowers that will last longer, survive the shipping and on top of that, it will make your wedding smell and look amazing. (tip: use it for table decorations, flower crowns and everything you can think of!)

Choose your favourite colors, and doll up your ceremony with beautiful balloons!

Or how about confetti balloons for the added dramatic effect?

Some wedding tea sets for the tea ceremony

Or a white and gold tea set for the modern minimalist in you

Beautifully adorned table numbers. Because the little details count.



...and more decorations!

Flower crowns to look even more magical

Bridal hair accessories to add that extra ethereal touch: here


and here

Open up your wedding to a world of options from Taobao! Whoever said that quality had to be expensive?

But there are some things that you just cannot get on Taobao, especially for the busy brides who has no time to scour the sites for the right item. 

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