5 Breathtaking Destinations For Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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Besides the bride, her dress, and the dinner menu, what’s the one thing everybody tries to get a peek at when attending a wedding? That’s right - the lovely couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot album, which is usually placed not so inconspicuously on the reception table. It’s every bride and groom’s dream of having beautifully shot photos that document their young, passionate love, and especially so if the photos were taken in a dreamy location. With the right photographer and the right destination for your wedding’s theme, you can conjure up some incredibly magical photos - all without breaking the bank.

1. Kyoto, Japan

There’s just something about Japan that keeps drawing us back to it through the seasons. Kyoto, in particular, never ceases to amaze with its captivating views, whether it’s springtime sakuras or the brilliant colours of fall - all of which provide excellent backdrops for a potential photoshoot.

Don a kimono for your shoot as you walk through the famous Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine (which is a protected UNESCO heritage site, by the way!), or snap a series of photos with age-old bamboos towering behind you - whatever suits your fancy!

Image Credit: Smittenpixels Photography

If the two of you grew up with Japanese anime, or if you both first bonded with a mutual love for anime, then a photoshoot in Kyoto - with its endless temples and lush temperate forests - would be perfect for you.

2. Kluang, Malaysia

Every couple has their own unique tale about how they fell deeply and madly in love. If you found your soulmate in the great outdoors, then why not hold a pre-wedding photoshoot at the very place where your love bore roots? If that place happens to be Malaysia, then you’re in luck. Malaysia is home to a vast array of landscapes, and a few days around several states is more than enough to give you a ton of jaw-dropping backdrops for your photos.

Image Credit: Klick Culture

There’s no better backdrop for your photoshoot than the place where your lifelong adventure first began - whether you fell head over heels (non-literally, we hope) while trekking through a tropical jungle, developed deep love while diving through the depths of the ocean, or simply found love in a hopeless place (cue those Rihanna mixtapes for your wedding playlist too while you’re at it!)

3. Hong Kong

If the theme for your wedding is old-school glamour, then Hong Kong’s bright neon lights and stark cityscape will be an excellent backdrop like no other. Curl your hair, slap on some red lipstick, put on some traditional cheongsams (or even some romantic boudoir-style gowns), and take a walk down memory lane… or down any of Hong Kong’s charming alleys, for that matter.

The result: a series of refreshing, tongue-in-cheek photos, with just the right balance of sexiness and mystique.

Image Credit: Thegaleria

Pro tip: don’t forget to stroll down the buzzing night markets as well! The setting here allows for a playful and candid spin on the classic Chinese shoot, and the colourful nightlife also sets the tone for vibrant, bold photographs.

4. Sweden

Icy mountains in the distance, joyful sleigh dogs, and the phenomenal Aurora Borealis, all in one breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot. Yes, you read that right. You can achieve all that - and more - while on a destination photoshoot in beautiful Sweden.

Image Credit: John15 Photography

The Abisko National Park has a host of activities to keep you on your feet in the subzero cold (think snowmobiles, dog sleighs, and wildlife safaris), and is also a prime location to chase the northern lights. If you’re lucky enough to have the Aurora Borealis shining down on you, your photographs are going to turn out completely rad.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand: land of the hobbits, abundant farm lands, and stunning wedding photography destination! There are countless idyllic locations that serve as bewitching backdrops. Whether you prefer rolling mountains, pristine beaches, or zen flower fields, New Zealand has it all - take your pick!

Grab some wildflowers for your bouquet, and prepare yourself for some gorgeous scenery ahead.

Image Credit: Douglas Fun Photography

Frolick in pretty flower fields, or have a The Sound Of Music moment across a luscious, green valley - the choice is entirely up to you. Either way, you’ll be able to bask in all of New Zealand’s majestic landscapes with your significant other, and capture it all on film too.

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