5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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Planning to immortalize your once-in-a-lifetime dream wedding forever with the perfect photo album?  We have all heard horror stories of unprofessional and terrible photos. Spare yourself the frustration and take a quick look through to assess if that photographer you have in mind is The One. 

Here are some questions to take note when selecting a photographer:  

1. Does he/she have relevant experience in wedding photography? Has he/she been in the business for long? 

An experienced photographer can make a world of a difference when it comes to ensuring perfect and varied angled photos. 

Image credit: Andri Tei Photography - Thomas & Jane

2. Can he/she have a portfolio for reference?  

The best way to assess if the photographer is skilled is to take a look at his past works! A less experienced photographer may match up to an experienced photographer after all. It is also the best way to ensure that the photographer’s style and skills match your expectations. 

3. Can the photographer fulfill a specific list of shots that I want? 

There may be a difference in opinions of what makes a good shot and what is memorable to you and the photographer. Be it that shot of your bridal march-in or that shot of you and your spouse popping the champagne, check and inform your photographer beforehand.

Image credit: Klick Culture - Shaun & Joanna

4. Is the photographer acquainted with my other vendors (e.g. florist and videographer)? Is he/she able to work well with them? 

Your photos, videos and decorations should ideally flow and complement each other, and also, you want to avoid drama on your special day! 

5. Does the photographer have any questions for us? 

Confusion can result in results that do not match your desired outcome. Don’t waste your time and effort into planning an elaborate wedding and selecting a photographer only to get terrible photos of the occasion! 

The ideal photographer can leave you with the perfect photos to commemorate the jubilant occasion; don’t let your wedding photographs get you down and spoil the wonderful memories! 

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