5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Limousine for Your Wedding

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Magnificent venue, delectable spread of food, stunning bridal gown make for a fabulous wedding, but before any of that can count, you would need to get there on time. Transportation is a tiny part that comes towards the end of your wedding planning but is as important as it can get. Ever dream of riding on a black stretch limousine and arrive in style on your big day? If you have never dreamt of hiring a limousine service before, we are going to share with you some top reasons why you should!

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1. Arrive in Style on Your Big Day

Stretching 8 meters long, the limousine you are going to hire on your wedding day is going to be a head turner, attracting “wows” from passersby and your wedding guests. It’s your big day and you are definitely the VIP. With a limousine, you are going to be expecting thunderous applause as you arrive at your wedding location. When you arrive at your wedding venue, you will be able to feel like a celebrity as you step out of the limousine and strut down the aisle with heads turning.

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2. Comfort Guaranteed On Ride

Imagine yourself donned in a cathedral long bridal gown in the sweltering heat. All you yearn to do is to get to your wedding destination comfortably. Considering that the average bridal gown already takes up a considerable amount of space on a normal sedan, limousines are perfect alternatives as they offer comfortable spacious rides.  They are also equipped with a wide variety of state-of-art amenities designed to provide the wedding couple with the utmost comfort and relaxation. Limousines are often equipped with full air-conditioning on board, spacious J style couch seating, LCD TVs, vanity mirror and mini bar for a booze or two. Privacy is also guaranteed as the tinted windows ensure that those outside cannot see what is inside the limousine. It is going to be an intimate setting for the wedding couple. 

Image Credit: Lotus Limousine Leasing Pte Ltd

3. More Cost-effective Than You Imagined

An average limousine can comfortably fit up to about 8 people or more, hence, the cost of hiring one vehicle is definitely more cost-effective than hiring other modes of transportation. Wedding couples can fit their bridesmaids or groomsmen in the limousine too and do not have to deal with stresses such as parking fees.

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4. Unparalleled Luxury

Open the limousine door and be greeted by the sight of long plush leather seats with perfect lighting to set the mood. Take a back seat on the limousine and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere for your wedding day. Do not cut corners for your wedding day because every penny spent is worth it to kick start your married life in the perfect style of luxury.

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5. Once-in-a-lifetime Memorable Experience

Anyone you talk to would place a huge emphasis on how your wedding day should be memorable. The touch of style and elegance when you hire a limousine is going to make your wedding day truly special and memorable. The luxurious perks, ambience and comfort are factors that will make your wedding experience one you and your partner cherish the most.

Image Credit: Lotus Limousine Leasing Pte Ltd

A limousine can make any occasion wonderful and is tailor-made for your ideal special day, making it a memorable one right from the start. Hiring a limousine for your wedding is the right way to go as it provides you with the best comfort and allows you to enjoy every moment on your big day in style.

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