5 Tips In Capturing The Finest Moments On Your Wedding Day

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To most couples, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. Here’s how to engage the right videographer and ensure they capture all the finest moments on your finest day to forever preserve the bliss of your matrimony.

1. Know that finding a good videographer is as important as a good photographer

While many couples would go all out to enlist the services of a good photographer, the search for a good videographer is unfortunately not given the same priority. Months before your big event, you should have already begun sourcing for – and even securing – the videographer that you want. Good wedding videographers are in just as high demand as good photographers, and just like any great bargain, you will want to secure the right one before it’s too late.

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2. Check out reviews on videographers

Although you and a videographer might have had great chemistry during the first meeting, it is always best to source out reviews before enlisting their services. Online forums and wedding magazines are a good source of information about other couples’ experiences with their videographers. Look out for information regarding whether the videographer was able to capture the important parts of the wedding and if he was able to translate that in a stylistic manner into the video that he produced.

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3. Seek for referrals from other wedding professionals

Who better to trust than your wedding photographer or planner when it comes to their recommendations of credible videographers? Since they would have worked with videographers on past weddings, they are in a good position to suggest some videographers which they have collaborated with previously or that they’ve heard about from their former clients.

4. Watch videos on Vimeo to get ideas for your preferred wedding video style

Many videographers have uploaded their previous clients’ wedding videos up on Vimeo so there is a bevy of wedding video inspiration right at your fingertips. Case in point: One Leg Studio’s page boasts sixty-four videos of the weddings that they’ve shot for. Vimeo’s search function also allows you to shortlist wedding video styles so that you can get a better understanding of what style you prefer for your video.

Image credit: Antelope Studios - Mitchell & Germaine

5. Most importantly, hire a videographer whose style is in sync with yours

After looking at different videographers’ portfolio, you should be able to determine which of their styles is in line with yours. Some videographers may be better at presenting your wedding in the form of a narrative (see here) while others might focus more on the intimate, emotional scenes at the wedding, like this.

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