5 Trending Wedding Themes in 2018 And How to Match Your Floral Styles With Them

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When it comes to wedding themes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing a theme that reflects the both of you, is suitable for the venue, and creates a cohesive look with your decorations. Then it comes to your wedding flowers, which are a bigger part of your wedding and wedding budget than you think. It's important to find wedding bouquets, centrepieces and other floral arrangements that you love.

Picture yourself walking down the aisle in your dream wedding gown, holding your ideal floral bouquet. How does your bouquet look like? Which flowers did you want for your wedding? Do you prefer something colourful and unscented to something simple and fragrant? Do the flowers you like match your wedding theme? 

We narrowed down five of the most popular wedding themes in Singapore and what the top florists in Singapore can do for your wedding floral inspiration. Get ideas before you meet your florist to pull it off for your wedding day theme!

1. Rustic Wedding Themes

Rustic themes are one of the top choices for couples who want intimate weddings in a warm setting. 

  • Speak to your florist on how you can add a particular pop of colour to the original earthy and rich tones to make your rustic wedding unique.
  • Go for bohemian rustic when you add flowing ribbons and inject white flowers to your set up or hand bouquet
  • Opt for hand-tied arrangements for a casual look that suits your inviting and festive ambience

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2. Garden Wedding Themes

So you've booked your beautiful outdoor wedding venue or the perfect venue surrounded by lush foliage and garden flowers, what's more to create a garden wedding theme for your guests?

  • It's all in the details! From the choice of flowers to colour palette, garden weddings are easy to achieve with ample lighting and fresh blooms.
  • If you want to showcase your garden wedding in bigger proportions, ask about flower walls that share the same colours as your hand bouquets 
  • Try adding a variety of textures to your bouquet to create a lavish look

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3. Vintage Wedding Themes

Vintage weddings have a distinct enviable look, with antique props or sentimental keepsakes decorated with rustic foliage or chic embellishments. The shabby-chic vintage appeal are great for weddings in low or warm light venues as it adds to the overall ambience!

  • Work with foliage, dried flowers, and possibly, long stemmed flowers for a dramatic yet classic vintage styled bouquet
  • Cascading bouquets are popular for vintage wedding themes because of its tapering effect and unique silhouette
  • Incorporating rich hues of red will also make your glamorous floral bouquet a stunning piece!

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4. Elegant Wedding Themes

Classic brides will definitely love how minimalistic yet sophisticated their wedding theme is and how cohesive it is with a wide variety of decor. Elegant weddings are recognisable with clean silhouettes, purposeful minimalistic props, and classic floral arrangement shapes.

  • Focus on one flower or colour for the bouquet, and your florist will suggest traditional tight round bouquet shapes that work best for elegant and classic chic weddings
  • If you want to steer away from too-classical bouquets and show a little bit of artistic flair with your floral arrangements and hand bouquet, ask about Biedermeier arrangements where the flowers are arranged in concentric circles around each other, creating a striped look and effect on your bouquet. 

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5. Whimsical Wedding Themes

Whimsical weddings border on magical, eclectic, and creative. Couples who want over-the-top or themed wedding decor will lean towards this style and inject their personality into the details!

  • if you want more flowers than greenery, then a whimsical posy or round bouquet is for you. Go for eclectic flowers to match your bouquet with your wedding theme
  • If you want to showcase abstract creativity in your wedding theme, go for contemporary bouquets that have unique arrangements for every couple!
  • Whimsical themes extends to the use of colours as well, so pick a mix that goes well with your gown and other decor

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Image Credits: Fern Studio75

Have you honed in on the wedding style that best suits your preferences and the flower decor styles that come with it yet? Check out Hitcheed's full list of wedding florists or try our FREE and personalised recommendations service for a quick start to your wedding planning or start a conversation with our featured florists via their Hitcheed professional pages to get the non-obligatory discussion going!

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