5 Ways To Make Your Wedding #InstaWorthy

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Spent ages pinning wedding planning stuff to your Pinterest boards and saving all the gorgeous Instagram images? Make your own wedding equally Insta-worthy with these top five ways! 

1) Create Your Unique Hashtag

To view all your photos taken by your friends and loved ones on your special day, we suggest creating your very own hashtag, and placing it prominently in your wedding planning posts or on the reception table to get everyone to use the tag when they post pictures, so you can view all of them after your wedding day is over.

Start by combining both your names together (your given, English or Mandarin names will work for this, as will an amalgamation of your surnames) and try to think of a word, idiom or phrase you could work this into. Examples of great hashtags include #JUN男MEL女 (Jun Long and Melissa), #FongLingInLove (Wei Fong and Wei Ling) or #TheWanForNab (Safwan and Nabilah). You can also make it as uniquely Singaporean as you want!

Credit: bellsandwhistlescabo

2) Bring in Hipster-ish Food & Drinks

Enjoy an array of treats at your wedding reception, that might include a mobile coffee cart - always a big hit with guests--as well as free flow of frozen yoghurt, which comes in a range of different flavours like natural yoghurt (Klubben White), strawberry (Fragaria Pink), mango (Tropana Yellow), peach (Persica Peach), lychee (Litchy Ivory) and blueberry (Bilberry Indigo), all served in a chiller with a range of toppings to pair it with.

This can be paired with a range of confectionery like macarons, éclairs, cream puffs and cookies for a wonderfully sweet ending to your wedding reception.

Confectionery and frozen yoghurt with toppings provided by Coolgurt 

A perennial favourite, mobile coffee carts are the saving grace for guests who got up super early (or the wedding couple and their families) and need a pick me up in the middle of the day. While the name suggests a wide range of coffees, such as espressos, flat whites, cappuccinos or cold brews.

For non-coffee drinkers, you can also request for hot chocolate or tea. Just be warned, the coffee queue will get pretty long, so be sure to factor in a space for your guests to queue up in your wedding reception area. 

Mobile Coffee Cart service by King's Cart Coffee

Or, add a unique twist and spice to your wedding by offering the incredibly rich and flavoursome tacos! Then, let some ice-cold, refreshing fruit punch soothe your guests' taste buds.

Tacos by Señor Taco

Fruit punch by Wedding Knots by LAVISH

3) Pick a Unique Venue

Perhaps one of the most important things when wedding planning is deciding on the venue, and we love the idea of having your solemnisation in a garden or poolside setting, surrounded by the amazing sea views around Singapore.

The first venue on our list is the rooftop venue of iFly Singapore, at the Sky Garden, where guests can get married with the gorgeous views of the South China Sea, and have their solemnisation followed by a delectable buffet lunch or dinner. This venue can accommodate between 50 - 200 persons, and is perfect for day or night wedding solemnisations. 

Sky Garden at iFly Singapore

Another great venue to have a sunset wedding at is Raffles Marina, where you can have your wedding solemnisation on the lawn, surrounded by gorgeous views of the setting sun and the surrounding yachts... in fact, if you really wanted to make a grand entrance, you could even arrive on the Lady Olivia, Raffles Marina's 36-foot yacht. Follow this with a wedding dinner that can accommodate up to 400 persons. 

Dinner at sunset on the outdoor lawn, and arrive in style on the Lady Olivia for the seaside wedding of your dreams at Raffles Marina 

4) Get Adventurous in Your Pre-Wed Shoots

Another fun aspect of your wedding planning journey is taking gorgeous pre-wedding photos. Aside from taking pictures in glamorous gowns, showcase different sides of your personality as individuals and as a couple - you could both be girly and elegant as well as being a fierce warrior who fights (in the boxing ring) with her partner. We love this juxtaposition of the loving couple against them fighting against each other that makes for interesting and dramatic pre-wedding photos.

Chuen & Kat's pre-wedding photoshoot taken by Love Crafted Co. 

Manchester United fans would love this wedding photoshoot taken at the Manchester Stadium in Old Trafford, where the couple wore their favourite team's colours and went on a tour around the stadium and the museum - and also got friendly with the team mascot. We love this fun shoot that perfectly highlights the couple's mutual love for the same soccer team.

Pre-Wedding Shoot at Manchester United Stadium at Old Trafford by One Eye Click

Here are some other styles you can consider:

Elopement in Vietnam by Tu Nguyen Wedding

Jason & Felicia's pre-wedding shoot by Love Crafted Co.

5) Wow them with Exquisite Wedding Gowns

Dazzle your guests in these stunning wedding gowns, from gorgeous lace gowns and bold ball gowns to figure-hugging creations, you'll be sure to find the perfect dress that complements you perfectly.

Stun the crowd with gowns that accentuate your figure, from Bluebay Wedding

Get lacy and reveal some skin at the back, with gowns offered by Love Story Wedding Boutique

Strut down the aisle in your second march-in outfits, that might include these gorgeous ballgowns from Cang-Ai Wedding, to look like a princess on your special day. This gorgeous lilac sleeveless dress is cinched at the waist, and then flows out into a stunning A-line skirt, with touches of a baby pink for an ombre-like effect.

Ballgowns from Cang-Ai Wedding

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