6 Amazing Church Wedding Videos That Will Make You Happy-Cry Your Heart Out

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It's hard to keep it together watching the special moments when groom sees the bride for the first time on their wedding day or when the father of the bride walks down the aisle with his daughter; those are definitely our favourite parts of every church wedding video! With the backdrop of the majestic chapel halls and the outstanding beauty of the stained glass window and archways, churches are one of the best venues to celebrate intimate or grand weddings.

Here, we've rounded up a few winning moments from the top wedding videographers, who not only captured the essence of the officiation at churches, but also the joy and happiness of each couple befitting their styles:

Jovial & Delightful

Every love story is peppered with romantic anecdotes and sweet surprises. Couples at the altar are often seen exchanging sweet glances, joyful laughter and heartfelt vows. We can't help but smile with these couples as their trusted photographers have captured the essence of the couple in the beautiful chapel halls and matched the energy and jubilee of one of the biggest days of their lives with joyful upbeat soundtracks and snippets of the actual day proceedings.

Church weddings don't always have to be solemn with a great emcee or officiant who lends funny and touching memories to these precious moments. The music of choice, be it secular or not, always add a fun component to the wedding videos and overall vibe at weddings. Contemporary couples also often opt for photo-worthy bright and delightful reception at the church after the solemnisation ceremony for their wedding guests so videographers get the additional fun footage to add to wedding video. From stunning dessert tables to amazing bridal party photos by the grand doors or arcs, you can look back upon your church wedding with a refreshing sense of nostalgia, fun, and new memories.Here are 3 church wedding videos we fell in love with for the couple's chemistry, energy, and love story. 

Patchwork Pictures | Portfolio
Actual Day Rates: From S$2,750
Pre-wedding Rates: From S$1,800

iSnap Photography | Portfolio
Actual Day Rates: From S$1,600

Ichiro Films | Portfolio
Actual Day Rates: From S$2,700
Pre-wedding Rates: From S$2,000

Heartwarming & Vibrant

Some of the favourites highlights of church weddings by wedding guests are witnessing the bride and her father walking down the aisle, as well as the first time a groom sees his bride for the first time in her wedding gown. Those tender moments are often missed by the busy bride and grooms on the day, and that is when the perfect wedding video comes in; filling in the sweet moments missed and to revisit the wonderful events of the day. We love church wedding video footage for amazing anecdotes, heartwarming speeches, as well as the typically all-white backdrop that makes the intimate affair even more precious. 

We found 3 videographers who did a great job merging the style and preferences of the couples with the mood and energy of their wedding day! Different videographers have different technical and equipment preferences, but we always look forward to the aerial shots of the beautiful church towers and close up architecture details.

The Forever Films | Portfolio
Actual Day Rates: From S$1,888
Pre-wedding Rates: From S$2,000

Visio Workz | Portfolio
Actual Day Rates: From S$1,638

Red String Video Co | Portfolio
Actual Day Rates: From S$2,690
Pre-wedding Rates: From S$1,500

Which was your favourite? We can't help but feel all the feels from all the touching moments documented of the beautiful couples by the talented videographers. For more wedding videographers, check out Hitcheed's full list of videographers.

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