6 Bridal Boutiques in Singapore That You Must Know

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When it comes to bridal studios, brides-to-be are spoilt for choice. From one-stop wedding boutiques that provide a comprehensive range of services to bespoke wedding gown ateliers, there is a studio out there for every kind of bride.

Besides setting your budget, it can be difficult to know where to start your search for what is possibly the most important clothing purchase you will ever make! At Hitcheed, we try to unravel some of the wedding industry's mysteries to help you decide between an off-the-rack, made-to-measure or bespoke gown from six of Singapore's top bridal studios.

For the bride who doesn’t know where to start:

1. Queena Wedding

Image Credit: Queena Wedding 

If you’re at a loss with the planning of your wedding, start with Queena Wedding, a one-stop bridal boutique with a strong presence in both Singapore and Taiwan. Popular with couples who want to save the time and hassle and engage one vendor instead of several individual vendors, Queena Wedding is a great place to start. You can save your time to plan other wedding elements as Queena Wedding will solve your gown, suits, hand bouquets, hair and makeup, car decoration, as well as indoor and outdoor photo shoot needs. ( Hitcheed tip: avoid dirtying your rental gown and incurring large costs. Some studios only allow for a select range of gowns for outdoor shoots, which minimises your risk. Check with the studio if your package includes the dress you’re eyeing.)

Image Credit: Queena Wedding

Their wide range of off-the-rack (OTR) gowns are all statement makers across a variety of styles, so you just need to choose from the selection (determined by the package you’re interested in) without fretting about additional costs. Discuss with their team about your vision and find the best package to fit your needs and budget. Don’t forget to ask for elements of the packages that you can exchange for if you already have your own or intend to do-it-yourself, like car decoration.

Find out more about Queena Wedding here
OTR: From $1,500
MTM: From $5,000

2. Malena Bridal Haute Couture

Image Credit: Malena Bridal Haute Couture

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you enter a bridal boutique with tens of gown options, each as beautiful as the other. With Malena Bridal, the attention to details and service makes it easier for the bride to make the decision on her dream dresses for both pre-wedding and actual wedding day. Priding themselves on their makeup and hairdo services on top of their bridal gown selection, Malena Bridal makes your dream look a reality. It's important to sound off to your make up artist during the trial session on what you like so you can get an idea of how your actual look would be.

Image Credit: Malena Bridal Haute Couture

For the bride who wants made-to-measure gowns:

3. Fleur D’sign

Image Credit: Fleur D’sign

If you’re looking for a wide suite of services and more customisable gown options, look to Fleur D'sign for wedding inspiration. Despite OTR gowns being generally safer options (as mostly worn by ex-brides), made-to-measure (MTM) gowns allow for the customisation and design you have in mind for your special day. The MTM gowns are available for rent, but there will be a premium to customise your very own gown and be the first to wear it. After which, it will be returned to the boutique to become an OTR gown (check with the studio).

Image Credit: Fleur D’sign

As a one-stop wedding boutique, Fleur D’sign provides solutions for all your wedding needs. You can save the time of meeting several vendors leading up to the wedding by selecting the package that helps check off most of your actual day and pre-wedding day needs. Alternatively, you can shop for the bridal gown of your dreams at Fleur D’sign without signing the full package if you already have engaged other vendors. This flexibility of a one-stop bridal boutique is a plus point to add to your wedding planning and research.

Find out more about Fleur D’sign here
OTR: From $288
MTM: From $1,800

4. My Bridal Room

Image Credit: My Bridal Room

If your biggest worry is getting the perfect dress, My Bridal Room is the right boutique for you. With a spectrum of pre-wedding and actual day services, you can focus on your fittings while the studio plans the rest of the tasks on your checklist! Forging a strong relationship begins with sharing your vision, and entrusting My Bridal Room after to make it happen. Their made-to-measure services will make your gown the perfect fit for your special day, and fashion-forward brides will definitely enjoy the process as you see your dream designs come to life.

Image Credit: My Bridal Room

Beyond bridal gowns and fittings, My Bridal Room provides photography services, as well as bridal supercar services. Ride with style on your big day 

Find out more about My Bridal Room here
OTR: From $1,200
MTM: From $1,888

For the bride who knows exactly what she wants:

5. NL Couture

Image Credit: NL Couture 

If you cannot find an existing style you like in the stores and want a fully bespoke wedding dress designed especially for you, set up your initial consultation with NL Couture. As a bespoke couturier, NL Couture works directly with you to make your wedding gown a dream come true. While fully bespoke gowns are more expensive and time consuming (it requires several fittings), it allows you to see your dress evolve and gives you the opportunity to make changes during the process. Do note that it will take a longer lead time with your dress made to order than ready-to-wear pieces, so you want to get started on your dress as early as possible.

Image Credit: NL Couture 

With extensive experience in the industry, NL Couture can create a wedding gown befitting your personality, incorporating cultural elements you want to include, and suiting your location (even colder climates or outdoor beach weddings are possible!). We’re gushing over the options of your very own choice of lace, appliques, and beading details to make the dress truly yours.

Find out more about NL Couture here
Bespoke: From $2,300

6. Flamingo Bridal

Image Credit: Flamingo Bridal

When working with bridal boutiques, you have the option to engage your own seamstress or the resident dressmaker to alter your OTR dresses to fit your silhouette. With Flamingo Bridal, you get the full suite of services as a bridal boutique like a made-to-measure service, as well as the opportunity to change the style details to your liking. Working with owner and designer Shirley Li of Flamingo Bridal, you get to make the dress uniquely yours with their semi-bespoke service. If you're looking for unconventional fabric for your gowns, this is the right place to make your sartorial dreams come true!

Image Credit: Flamingo Bridal

If diving into your very own bridal creation is too daunting, browse their OTR options to get inspired and you might very well find one that catches your eye and is more budget-friendly than a fully bespoke gown. It's always good to communicate with your bridal studio designers about your budget and preferences before starting on the design aspect of the gowns! 

Find out more about Flamingo Bridal here.
OTR: From $1,300
MTM: From $1,800

After narrowing down the type of gowns and bridal services you like, check out Hitcheed’s full list of bridal studios and wedding professionals to help with your wedding research and planning! Get your free recommendation for the top bridal studios in Singapore today.

If you'd like to see more attractive discounts and promotions from some of these bridal boutiques, swing by for Hitcheed's meet-and-greet session on 29th and 30th September at Suntec Convention Centre Level 3 Concourse! Register now! 

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