6 Reception Decor Ideas to Wow Your Wedding Guests

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Everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable one – one that would stick on people’s minds for years to come. Surely you don’t want to hold a wedding where your guests would just sit silently around their tables while waiting wearily for their next course to arrive. So why not liven up the wedding, get the guests all riled up, and let it be the only thing that people talk about for months?

1. Put up a flower buffet

Before the actual buffet, get your guests started on a flower shopping session. Give them a feast for their eyes with a line-up of your favourite blooms, complete with glass vases for them to put on their tables. Leave them to their own creativity as they pick out their choice of floral arrangements, and that way you wouldn’t even have to fuss over the table centrepieces. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 

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2. Hand out props to keep them entertained throughout the night 

Small talks are one way to get friendly with someone you might not know that well, but sometimes the conversation could just dry up or go bland. So why not give them something to do and talk about instead? Hand out paper fortune tellers for them to play with, or ask them to make up a bucket list for you. This way your guests can bond over these entertainments and no one will feel left out!
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3. Number the tables with significant dates 

Turn an insignificant wedding component like table numbers into something interesting and worth pondering over. You can put up an announcement at your welcome table to let guests know which table they will be sitting at, but with a twist! Instead of the old table integers, number your tables with memorable dates instead! Then let them know the stories behind them – it could be the first time you met, the first time you travelled together, or the date of the proposal. No doubt that your guests will mingle around the reception, driven by curiosity to find out what the other dates mean.

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4. Share your love story in a creative way

Your wedding is a celebration of love, after all. Why not share with your guests the journey that the both of you have been through to this day? Sketch up a timeline of your love story on a chalk board for a more artistic and creative feel, or show it in the form of pictures pegged up in rows.
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5. Pick a theme that is unique to the both of you

Bring together everything you love by customizing your wedding theme with an interest that both of you share. Pick out something that you are equally passionate about and bring it to life on the day. You can also include your own props to make it more personalized and unique!

Image Credit: Moments with Stirring Hearts

6. Bring your aisle game to a whole new level

Make the best out of your limelight moment by decorating one of the most important pathway you will take with unique props. Line the sides of your aisle with bundles of fairy lights stuffed in vintage mason jars to illuminate your path, or cover the whole aisle with your favourite passage. Remember, it is going to be the last walk you’ll take as a single woman, so might as well make it stand out!

Image Credit: Med Kärlek Inc.
It is going to be the best day of your life, so make sure that you leave a positive, lasting impression on your guests. Say goodbye to dull conversations and awkward moments, and brace for a day full of fun, laughter, and compliments!
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