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You are done with some of the major decisions for your big day and are now moving on to tick off some other chores on your wedding checklist. Still deciding between the cookie cutter wedding invitation designs or custom invitation designs? The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind for custom invitation designs would be “Oh, it’s a waste of money.” Due to the fact, many couples might choose to stick to the cookie cutter or free template invitations that were already included in their package.

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However, are you game for something more? Do you want to be able to pay a reasonable amount in order to have a lovely invitation design that reflects your very special occasion? Well, hiring an invitation designer or stationer can free up a lot of your time (if you were planning to design your own invitation card) and help to create unique favors, signs and plan for your wedding day.  

A wedding invitation is what most of your valued guests look at first sight and get a glimpse of how your wedding will look like. It is a communication tool between your guests and you, communicating to your guests that your big day is a milestone for your relationship and you ask for their sincere blessings. Custom invitation designs convey your wedding style and story the best with the harmonious design image that matches your wedding theme. An experienced wedding stationer will work closely with you to unveil your wedding details, making your guests feel excited to celebrating your special day with you.

Today, we share with you some of the customized invitations that we love, scroll down and be inspired!

1. Laser Cut

The team at American Wedding Treasures and Kartoe respectively is skillful to create such elaborate and beautiful invitation card designs. Look at some of the state-of-art invitation cards designed by them. Laser cut wedding invitations sure stand out amongst a sea of options and at the same time do not veer too far from what traditional wedding invitation look like. With its highly unusual and appealing aesthetic, your guests will sure be in awe upon receiving delicate invitation cards like these.

Image Credit: American Wedding Treasures

Image Credit: Kartoe

2. Boarding Passes

Marriage is not a destination but a journey, they said. For the couples who are travel enthusiasts, perhaps having a boarding pass inspired invitation card makes the cut. Your boarding pass wedding invitation is a unique blend of style and class where you could change the information and colors accordingly to match your personal choice and theme. Boarding passes invitations are especially popular for destination wedding, where can you find such appropriate designs? With a boarding pass wedding invitation, your guests are in for a journey to a romantic wedding affair.

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3. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

For couples that want to add a personal touch to the wedding invitation cards, consider opting for hand-drawn cards just like the ones we have here. Illustrated wedding invitations can be romantically vintage or brightly modern, these hand-drawn invites feel unique and creative too. Hand-drawn cards are especially appropriate for rustic themed weddings. Look at all these illustrations that are so cute, totally happy and perfect for your big day!

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Image Credit: The Joy Troopers

Image Credit: Celebrations & Co. 

4. Geometric Inserts

Who says invitation cards need to be square or rectangular? Think out of the box and have fun with different shaped inserts for your wedding invitation! As long as they follow the usual postal guideline, fill the envelope with any shape you fancy. Today, geometric elements are very popular amongst designers. With the correct color palette and design, your geometric insert could be groovy or classy according to your wedding theme preference. 

Image Credit: Celebrations & Co. 

5. Modern Oriental

They say wedding is just a two-person affair but sometimes, the family and in-laws love to be actively involved too. What happens when you want something modern but your conservative family or in-laws want to stick to something more traditional? Let’s meet midway for these modern oriental invitation designs. Modern but not losing the traditional oriental elements, these cards are perfect for the chic and refined couple.

Image Credit: CardnCart

6. Watercolor

Whether you are hosting a classic ballroom celebration or a whimsy rustic garden wedding, watercolor invitation cards are effortlessly elegant for any bride’s big day. Most recently, watercolor wedding invites have been the go-to-choice for brides-to-be looking for romantic alternatives. Look at how the soft brush strokes and unique color gradients make the invite suite distinctively perfect. From swirling calligraphy to whimsical handwriting-inspired fonts, there is no end to what type of watercolor invites you can have for your wedding.

Image Credit: CardnCart

Image Credit: Spick Studio

7. Fantasy-themed

If you are an unconventional couple, perhaps the following series of invite suites will fit you to the T. Take a look at that fantasy, out of the world invitation card produced by Kartoe. With purple gradient background and a leather texture material, the invitation card is sealed in a holographic envelope.

Image Credit: Kartoe

Another set of invitation cards done by Kartoe feature the use of unique materials (faux leopard fur) and the bold use of colors. This set of invitation card would definitely be one that no other couple has. With quality invites like these, they totally suggest an elegant and sophisticated celebration.

Image Credit: Kartoe

We love a good old-fashioned wedding invitation but these trendsetting stationeries that are totally personalized are snatching our hearts. Customized invites can set the tone for your wedding and inform your guests of how much fun they are about to expect from your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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