7 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Every Bride

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It’s your wedding day and you have your best wedding gowns, wedding venue, professional photographer and videographer. Now it’s the hair and makeup artist’s turn to work the magic for you on your big day. It is one of the biggest days in your life and you would like to look stunning to turn heads. As the center of everyone’s attention, embrace it and soak in the limelight. The perfect wedding makeup and bridal hairstyle can help you expose your beautiful facial features so you would look best at any angles while you are being photographed. With our newest vertical added, Hair and Makeup, we selected some of the wedding makeup and hairstyles that we love to inspire you to look the best on your wedding day.

Image Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup and Hair

1. Flower Crowns

The flower crown has become the it-accessory for most weddings. It has become so trendy that it is now the icon especially for hipsters who are looking for the whimsical or bohemian chic themed outfit. With so many gorgeous brides wearing the flower crown as the sole accessory, you could be one of them too. You could always opt for flower crowns that match with the colour palettes of your wedding theme. Whether it is the bright punchy crowns with an array of bold colors or the wreath with greenery, you are sure to choose the one that suits your makeup and style the best. This style shouts perfection despite how minimalist it is.

Image Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup and Hair
Image Credit: Mrs Fish Bridal

2. The 1950s

If you are looking for something with a little bit of vintage quirk, the birdcage veil is ideal for you. Exuding a tinge of sophistication with a playful edge, this style brings you back to the 1940s and 1950s where this netting was attached to most hair accessories. This headpiece is now timeless and has evolved into the modern retro accessories we see today. More accessories such as flowers are attached to it to bring out a more modern twist. You could pair your birdcage veil up with mega volume curls or a high looped bun for a glamorous wedding-day look. At the end of the day, complete your look with a bright red lipstick for that plump alluring lip.

Image Credit: Mrs Fish Bridal

Image Credit: Fionna Lau Hair & Makeup Artist

3. The Classic Wedding Updo

They say classic never go out of style. This classic wedding updo is the style most brides opt for. Whether it is the one with a classic chignon or the one with intricate braids, this updo is ideal to go with any makeup or wedding gowns. As classic as it can get, hairstylist tries to pimp the hairstyle up by adding in more braids designs or even a sparkly accessory like the flower embroidery pin. Keeping it simple with a side fringe allows the bride to showcase her delicate face and makeup. Oh, look at how dainty and feminine the brides are.

Image Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup and Hair

Image Credit: Karis Chiu Makeup

Image Credit: APRÈS MAKEUP

4. The Floral Accents

With a braid or an updo so simple, you could easily perk up any hairdo with a few stems of baby's breath or a couple of delicate nude or pink blooms. Incorporating your loose locks with floral accents is an easy way for you to add subtle colors, textures and natural beauty to your wedding day look. 

Image Credit: Mrs Fish Bridal

5. The Half Updo

Can’t decide between a fancy updo or a free-spirited “down’do”? Get the best of both worlds with the half updo. With the half updo, you are able to get the look of lush curls and with the security that your hairdo will most likely stay in place during your entire wedding day. You get both the naturalness and chic of freely flowing locks with the combination of two hairstyles. Versatile with endless of opportunities, you could explore the half updo hairstyle by adding in a veil, hair accessories or braids. Flaunt your tresses!

Image Credit: Mrs Fish Bridal

6. The Sidebraids

If you are searching for an elegant, fuss-free wedding hairstyle, the side braid is one of that that fit every kind of brides. Braids could be unique and totally timeless. You could choose to have the softer style with loose braids that is pulled back to form an unstructured side ponytail or even add in floral accents to jazz up your hairdo. Whichever way you do it, this style features your v-shape jawline, making you exude femininity.

Image Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup and Hair

7. Waterfall Braids

With long cascading curls, having a waterfall braid is ideal as your wedding hairdo. Your flowing loose curls are sure to look gorgeous with the waterfall braid that is adorned with floral accessories. Alike the Greek goddess, you are so going to swoon your guests with your waterfall braids.  

Image Credit: Mrs Fish Bridal

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”, they said. With these hairstyle ideas you are on your way to work the magic for your big day. Download the hitcheed app for free on App Store and Google Play to browse through the portfolios of the hair and makeup artists. Click here for the full list of hair and makeup artists available on hitcheed. 

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