7 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Theme Ideas To Inspire You

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Now that you’ve engaged a photographer, it’s time to plan one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day: your pre-wedding photoshoot! This is the part where you would be able to showcase what your relationship is all about to everyone at your wedding, prompting ‘aww’s and looks of envy. Not to mention that you would have something to hold onto for the rest of your lives!

Now, the beauty about pre-wedding photoshoots is that you have complete freedom in choosing the themes that best represents your relationship. So just for you, we have laid out the various theme options that you can choose from.

1. The Goofy One

If you’re in that type of relationship where not a day goes by without someone cracking a joke and making the other laugh soundlessly, then the goofy theme is the one that you should consider for your shoot. Not only will you return with ridiculously awesome shots that portray your relationship genuinely, the whole duration of the shoot will also be filled with non stop laughters and absurd, nonsensical behaviours. This would allow you to be yourself throughout the whole shoot, without having to pose awkwardly, because hey, you’re not weird, you’re just you!

Image Credit: Bittersweet Photography

Image Credit: Click! Photography

2. The dramatic backdrop

Because what better way to complement your shoot with a stunning, high-dynamic-range shot? With the elements in your pictures seeming to come to life, these shots will definitely bring out all the feels. All you have to do is pick a picturesque location, and then just leave the rest to the photographer!

Image Credit: Leslie Photography

Image Credit: John15 Photography

3. The Creative Ones

Who says all pre-wedding photoshoots all look the same? Think outside the box! Be different! Creative photoshoots usually take more time to prepare for, but the end results are always worth it! It’s the perfect time to flaunt out your creative side, get your brain working, and get all innovative with your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Image Credit: One Eye Click

4. The Natural Candid

This theme is a must-have for every pre-wedding photoshoot. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get lovey-dovey with your partner, without anyone judging! Stare at your future husband’s eyes lovingly, and watch as he does the same to you. It’s time to pour your hearts out, because the best pictures can only be obtained only with the most genuine feelings.

Image Credit: Antelope Studios

5. The Love Story

Why not celebrate the end of a chapter of your love story by going back to the start? These narrative-style photos are a blast to shoot as you go back to the day you met, or maybe even your first date (disastrous or not). Because hey, you wouldn’t be where you are today without that first move.

Image Credit: Alex Goh Photography

Image Credit: Click! Photography

6. Overseas

Do you have a favourite city in mind, somewhere that you’ve always wished you could visit together as a couple? Or maybe it’s one that you have had the pleasure of making pleasant memories in. Overseas shoots are always fun to shoot, as not only do you get amazing shots at your favourite landmarks, but you also get the chance to go on holiday and explore a new place! It’s a perfect excuse to have a little getaway with your significant other before you go back to busying yourself with planning your wedding.

Image Credit: John15 Photography

7. Superhero-theme

Because admit it, you are each other’s heroes. And if there’s anyone in the world who would fly (read: pretend to fly) around in a ridiculous cape to come to your rescue, you know it’d be your partner. Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, or if you simply think that they would exceptionally attractive in a superhero costume, you can indulge yourselves in playing pretend for several hours, knowing that your story will definitely have a happy ending.

Image Credit: One Eye Click

At the end of the day, you are the main characters for your pre-wedding photoshoot, so freestyle it and mix-and-match the themes as you like! For more photoshoot inspirations, click here, or download the Hitcheed app on App Store or Google Play.

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