7 Tips In Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photos are precious reminders of the special moments that took place during your wedding. Find the right wedding photographer for you and your significant other with these 7 tips.

1. Determine the photography styles

There are many different photography styles - with the documentary or portraiture style being the more common choices among couples. Prior to researching on wedding photographers, it'll be best to decide on the photography style you prefer so that you can easily shortlist the photographers who fit your requirements. 
Image credit: Leslie Photography - Morgan & Siu Siu
Images credit: Andri Tei Photography - Dominik & Nura

2. Do your research

Check our their portfolios, this will give you an idea of which photography style they specialise in. When you have shortlisted a couple of photographers, you can then do more intensive research by sourcing for reviews on the photographers. 

Images credit: Click! Photography - Bing Hui & Sheryl

3. Talk to them

After shortlisting a few potential candidates, discuss with them about your expectations for your wedding photos and request to view all of their portfolios. Since the photographer's best photos are likely to be the ones in their portfolios, the full gallery of photos gives you a better sense of their photography skills. That way, you can access the real potential of your potential candidates. 

Images credit: Annabel Law Productions - Zi Lang & Si Wan
Images credit: Moving Stills Photography - Prakash & Sharline

4. Be meticulous when reviewing albums

Take your time to look through the albums and look out for details such as thoughtful composition (are you able to easily identify the main focus of the shot?) and good lighting. The expressions of the people in the photos are also a good indicator of the photographer's skill - you absolutely do not want to see shots where the subjects have weird facial expressions or are in un-glam poses. 

Images credit: Douglas Fun Photography - Lincoln & Romona

5. Ask about the post-production details

Check how many photos you are expected to received and if they will be in soft or hard copy format. Also, remember to ask whether there'll be additional costs for the editing of photos. After all, you don't want any nasty shocks when you find out that you have to pay for retouching only after the photos are done. 

Images credit: Antelope Studios - Mitchell & Germaine

6. Ensure you have chemistry with your photographer

When you have chemistry with your photographer, you will naturally be more comfortable around them and this will reflect in your wedding photos. To get the best photos, choose a photographer who knows when to take the lead - by directing you to pose in a flattering manner - and when to fade into the background and capture that intimate shot of you sneaking a kiss from the groom when you thought no one was looking.

Images credit: John15 Photography - James & Yifan

7. Confirm your photographer(s)

As larger photo studios may have a few photographers on staff, you should always play it safe and check to make sure that you get the photographer that you want (we're sure that we don't need to tell you how awkward it would be if you get a photographer that you've never met before). If your budget allows it, consider hiring more than one photographer so that you can get more coverage and photos from a wide variety of angles. 

Images credit: 39 East Photography - Tim & YiLing

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Ensure you have no regrets by picking the perfect wedding photographer for your needs. All ready to start selecting your potential wedding photographer(s)? Check out the portfolios of our listed photographers and get inspirations for your special day via our app, available for free on the App Store. And now, let the selection begin! 

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