7 Wedding Inspiration Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately

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Congratulations on getting engaged! You’re just a few steps away from entering the marriage of your dreams. But before that, you and your fiance have a big task at hand - planning the wedding of your dreams! We know that that involves a mountain of things to do, and things can get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry though, because there’s a vast abundance of ideas that you can soak up from the Internet - and specifically, from wedding-centric pages on Instagram! There’s a consistent stream of great wedding tips right at your fingertips on your favourite social media platform, posted by some of the best and most passionate wedding content sites or wedding bloggers. Get ideas for your dress, wedding venue decorations, photoshoot style, and so much more. Feed on regular helpings of bridal inspiration with these 7 must-follow wedding Instagram accounts!

1. @whitemagazine

Image Credit: @whitemagazine, via Instagram 

@whitemagazine is many things: an Australian blog, directory, and magazine all in one. Above it all, however, they have a strong focus on providing inspirational content that will enrich not only your wedding, but also what comes after that - your marriage. Their visual content is also absolutely stunning, with picture perfect dresses set before breathtaking backdrops. Draw some inspiration here for your dream dress and pre-wedding photoshoot styles.

2. @boho1

Image Credit: @boho1, via Instagram 

If you’re hoping to plan a rustic, yet chic wedding, then this account is a must-follow for you. @boho1 is pieced together with the boho luxe bride in mind, combining the best of bohemian and opulent themes. You can expect wedding or photoshoot venues that are set close to nature, coupled with statement pieces that exude luxury and glamour - giving you just what you need to make your wedding effortlessly beautiful!

3. @100_layercake

Image Credit: @100_layercake, via Instagram 

You’ll also find lovely wedding gowns and destination photoshoot ideas here on @100_layercake, but what we find particularly striking is this account’s curation of wedding decor, props, and stationery. The cakes and floral arrangements featured are also utterly gorgeous! Everything on this page is a beautiful mix of colors and textures, with just a dash of whimsy. There’s something here that you are bound to fall in love with!

4. @weddingsparrow

Image Credit: @weddingsparrow, via Instagram 

For brides-to-be who are putting together a classical wedding, @weddingsparrow is one account you should be following. This is a beautifully curation of fine art wedding styles with remarkable visual aesthetics, and also has endless photo ideas for your traditional wedding or pre-wedding destination shoot. @weddingsparrow favours lovely earthy tones, so you’ll get great inspiration here if that’s the colour palette you’re aiming towards for your wedding decor or photo spread.

5. @oncewed

Image Credit: @oncewed, via Instagram 

Looking for ideas on how to plan your wedding with a contemporary, minimalist theme? This account has got you covered. @oncewed is a widely followed online magazine platform with a spotlight on simplicity and organic beauty. This page has a wide collection of photos featuring statuesque, clean-cut white dresses, which will stir the hearts of all aspiring modern brides.

6. @aislesociety

Image Credit: @aislesociety, via Instagram 

Just looking through @aislesociety’s Instagram page will make every bride-to-be drool - there’s tons of carefully curated, exquisite photographs here! It’s also incredibly easy to filter through for the colours and styles you want on this account, too. Photos here are posted in groups, according to a select colour scheme for a certain period (which is a Type A planner’s dream, by the way!)

7. @smittenmagazine

Images Credit: @smittenmagazine, via Instagram 

We are absolutely smitten with @smittenmagazine and all of its bold, vibrant tones! There is so much bright vibes here on this account. The floral arrangements and venue styling you see here on @smittenmagazine are all positively dreamy. This page carries amazing inspiration especially for brides and grooms who want to infuse pops of colour into their tropical or garden wedding. 


8. @howheasked

Image Credit: @howheasked, via Instagram 

@howheasked is probably one of the sweetest Instagram accounts. This page is a beautiful collection of the most heartfelt proposal stories. Fellas, if you have not proposed and you’re reading this - you should be following this account to get some brilliant proposal ideas, ones that will definitely make your fair maiden shed a tear when you get down on one knee!

While you’re at it, follow @hitcheed on Instagram too for your daily dose of wedding inspiration! Download the Hitcheed app available on App Store and Google Play today and start planning your perfect dream wedding.

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