7 Wedding Trends You’ll Be Dying To Try

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We know most of us have been dreaming about our wedding day since Disney planted fairytale dreams of storybook romance in our heads. And who can blame us? A wedding is, after all, a once in a lifetime event.


Here are 7 hot wedding trends that you won’t be able to get enough of. Hey, we’ve even lined up some of the best vendors who will help make your dreams come true. And they’re all waiting for you at our upcoming Wedding Wonderland on the 21st & 22nd of July 2018!


1) A splash of colour


You read right, colour is back and there is no need for you to stick with a traditional white wedding--unless you want to, of course. We’re talking about everything from bright, tropical hues to darker, more romantic tones.


(Image Credits: Charlotte Puxley Flowers)

(Image Credits: In The Brickyard)

There’s a colour out there for every couple! Think of your floral arrangements as a way to showcase your personalities. We’re pretty sure your florist will thank you for presenting them with something out of the ordinary. Plus, think of how stunning your wedding pictures will turn out!



2) A mobile coffee cart

(Image Credits: King's Cart Coffee)


Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? We’re sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen who have been hard at work to make your big day a success will definitely appreciate the pick-me-up.


A mobile coffee cart is a perfect addition to your wedding, especially if you’re having an early ceremony! Most mobile coffee cart vendors are eager to please and will be happy to accommodate to your needs with regards to location or otherwise – most only ask if that you provide regular sockets for them to plug in to.


3) A scent to remember


Forget regular wedding favours and think scents! Have you ever caught a whiff of a scent in the air and been brought back to a fond memory? Smells have the ability to transport you back to a different time and place. So why not give your guests something that can take them back to your big day for a long time to come.


There are plenty of options these days and you can opt for anything from a personalised scent station, which allows your guests to concoct their own smells, to a signature wedding scent, handed out in miniature vials to wedding guests as keepsakes.


4) Go local but with a twist

(Image Credits: Benny's Gem Creations)

When it comes to wedding cuisine, one might tend to automatically think of a standard buffet line or a Chinese wedding banquet. But why stick to what’s expected?


Once again, like your floral arrangements, food can be a way to showcase your personality as a couple. Think local food but with a twist, we all remember the rave caused by the iconic Nasi Lemak Burger! Your guests are sure to remember the familiar flavours they’ve grown up with being served with a surprise element.


5) Have your cake and eat it too


Wedding cakes are often big, expensive and mostly for show. Most times the wedding guests aren’t served the fancy cake we see the couple cut. So instead, we have two words for you: doughnut cake.


Think edible sparkles and sprinkles, stack ‘em high, have a doughnut wall – let your wildest dreams run free! And most importantly, it will definitely be something that will have your guests buzzing. We promise, no one is going to be able to say no to a doughnut (or two).


6) An unusual invitation


Nobody wants to receive a stuffy, clearly mass-printed wedding invites anymore – and we’re sure you don’t want to send one. When designing your wedding invitation feel free to think outside the box.

(Image Credits: The Joy Troopers)

If you’ve already decided on a theme, feel free to carry that theme out through to your invites. Try experimenting with different materials – with everything from wood to cloth available, there’s no reason for you to stick with paper. Imagine wood burned invites, embroidered invites, the possibilities are endless!


7) Be your own heroine


Wedding capes are making a big come back, and if you’re not one for a veil, capes might be just up your alley! Think of a cape as a way to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, while still keeping a modern feel.

(Image Credits: Flamingo Bridal)


Plus, you’re going to feel like a superhero strolling down the aisle with your cape blowing gently in the breeze behind you. Talk about making an entrance!


What are some of your to-die-for wedding trends? Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites! And we hope to see you at Hitcheed’s Wedding Wonderland – our vendors can’t wait to meet you!

If you missed the memo, our Wedding Wonderland is happening on the 21st & 22nd July 2018 at the Suntec Convention Centre Room 403. Save the date!


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