8 Beautiful Wedding Venues in Singapore with a Million Dollar View

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Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is also going to be one of the best moments in your life and a huge part of that joy comes from being showered with love from your loved ones on the special day. As the center of attention, they are going to pour you with well wishes and warmth. However, finding a suitable location for your solemnization might not be an easy task. We have scouted eight wedding solemnization venues in Singapore with a million dollar view where you can say “I Do”. 

1. Sky Garden

Located at iFly Singapore rooftop, this place is where your dream solemnization will come alive. Whether it is basking in the mesmerizing sunset or to the spectacular fireworks, this place is sure to excite your senses and transform this special occasion of yours into an extravagant celebration. The alfresco rooftop Sky Garden boasts the gorgeous paranomic views of the South China Sea; just imagine saying “I Do” with a backdrop of a warm hue sky. With a team so experienced, they could easily elevate your solemnization venue into an alluring one with romantic Tiffany chairs and flower-petals aisle. The Sky Garden is the quintessential rooftop venue for an ideal solemnization. 

Find out more about Sky Garden here.

Minimum Cost: $10,500

2. Pollen 

Set within a lush Mediterranean garden in the Flower Dome, Pollen offers a stunning view of the Marina Bay waterfront. In this Mediterranean garden, you can be immersed in the scents of fresh flora from the exotic flowers and plants in the sub 20-degree venue. Pledge your love in this place with a million-dollar Marina Bay skyline. With a place so whimsy and romantic, you are sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other. 

Experience the epicurean whimsy here

Minimum Cost: $4,000 

3. Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Looking for a place with a stunning city skyline? Dallas Restaurant and Bar which is strategically located at Suntec City Sky Garden is the place for you. With an interior so plush and an island bar so exquisite, this place has all you need for a casual yet impressive get together for your solemnization. The high ceilings, polished hardwood floors and leather-upholstered chairs exude a classy vibe. If you prefer a place more intimate, you could simply say your “I Do” at a small closed off area that the restaurant has. 

Discover how you can say "yes" at this stunning place here

Minimum Cost: $2,688 

4. Aura

Perched at the rooftop of the iconic National Gallery Singapore, Aura has the picturesque view of the Marina Bay skyline. With an exquisite line of Italian cuisine, discerning couples are in for a gastronomic feast after pledging their love. This place with all the iconic Singapore landmarks is definitely the ideal place to exchange vows.

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Minimum Cost: $5,888 

5. Forlino

Housed at a strategic location at One Fullerton, Forlino gives you a panoramic view of the bay, overlooking the magnificent Marina Bay Sands. If you are the sophisticated couple that is fond of having an elegant ambience, Forlino with the “extravagant Italian flair” is your ideal venue for solemnization. Imagining “saying yes” with the outstanding backdrop of the Singapore skyline and delectable Italian fine dining. It will indeed be one of the best day in your life.

Find out how you can say "I do" with the stunning backdrop here

Minimum Cost: $800

6. Vineyard 

Nestled within the verdant greens of Singapore's Southern Ridges, Vineyard at Hort Park is the perfect venue for a beautiful and distinguished solemnization with its charming and rustic interior. Vineyard boasts a dedicated and experienced team which will give you your perfect intimate solemnization to kickstart your lifetime of marital bliss. 

Discover the hidden gem here

Minimum Cost: $3,500

7. Sentosa Golf Club

Celebrate the joy of your solemnization against a beautiful backdrop of magnificent golf courses and breathtaking sea views. The Sentosa Golf Club with its green patches sets you in your serene mood as you say “I Do”. Your intimate ceremony at this enviable location with impeccable service will help you create a memorable moment that last you for a lifetime. 

Experience the magnificent here.

Minimum Cost: $7,880

8. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Think Sentosa and people think fun, sun and beaches. Nestled in Singapore’s popular tourist spot, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is a resort hotel situated at the top of a cliff rising above Tanjong Beach. It is a tropical haven of tranquility and relaxation. So tranquil with the sea breeze and scent, we promise this is the place you would want to have your solemnization at. 

Soak in the oasis of tranquility here

Minimum Cost: $3,458 

As you and your better half walk hand in hand into this journey of marriage, you would like to have an intimate solemnization that you would remember for a lifetime. You would definitely wish to say “Yes” at all these venues with a stunning million-dollar view which boasts the atmosphere no other venues have. Download the hitcheed app available on App Store and Google Play to look for more ideal venues for your solemnization.

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