8 Different Cuisines You Should Consider For Your Wedding Banquet

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Let us help you find the perfect restaurant with the specific cuisine you are looking for, be it full-out Chinese, Western with the works or a modern European experience.

1. Chinese

Stay true to your Chinese roots with these beautifully decorated oriental restaurants. You get authentic Chinese food and decorations that would set you back to the Old Shanghai days. You can expect impeccable sharing dishes that will knock you off your feet. 

Image Credit: Peony Jade Keppel Club & Peony Jade Clarke Quay

2. Western

Go all out with these Californian or Dallas styled restaurants with popular dishes such as steak, ribs and roasted chicken. The spaces are generally more open and contemporary, with feature colours or galleria vibes. 

Image Credit: Cali Cafe & Bar

Image Credit: Dallas Restaurant & BarImage Credit: HOUSE

3. European

There are tons of different options in this category, such as Italian, Spanish or Modern European. You will find that the Italian restaurants listed here are classic fine-dining, always changing their menu to suit the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our listed Spanish restaurant serves amazing tapas, best enjoyed as you gaze across the Sentosa Marina. For European cuisine with a modern twist, we have a beautiful restaurant partner nestled in the heart of Gardens By The Bay.

Image Credit: Forlino

Image Credit: Sabio By The Sea

Image Credit: Pollen

4. International 

Couples who wish to cater to all tastebuds, opt for an international cuisine, often served buffet style. This cuisine is highly customisable, so if you have more Asian guests, feel free to request for a wider variety of Asian dishes and vice versa. 

Image Credit: Vineyard
Image Credit: CANVAS

5. Peranakan 

Half or full Peranakan, this cuisine serves delicious, often spicy dishes that will definitely win over your wedding guests. Our partner restaurant is known for its incredible food and is frequently lauded as one of the best Peranakan restaurants in Singapore. It is set in an old shophouse, common in olden Singapore, with precious original Peranakan tiles lining the walls. 

Image Credit: The Blue Ginger

6. Mediterranean / Indian 

Enjoy a unique experience that blends history, food and culture in one place, modeled after Alexandra The Great’s journey through the Mediterranean, Middle East and India. The restaurant is decorated stunningly in the style of Sparta, allowing you to imagine for an evening that you travelled back in time to the days of gladiators and the roman empire. 

Image Credit: Aryaa

7. Japanese Fusion 

If you are a fan of Japanese food but still wish to provide your guests with more approachable dishes, try these Japanese-fusion restaurants in our list. You get elements of your favourite cuisine, but supplemented by the best aspects of other cuisines. 

Image Credit: The Refinery

8. Catering

If your dream wedding is on a yacht, in a historical landmark or in an open garden or sky garden that does not serve food, fret not! Many of these venues have catering partners that can still provide the best meal for your guests. There may be certain limitations on the food selection, depending on the venue you have chosen, but don’t let that deter you from choosing this option, the food will still be piping hot and delectable to taste. 

Image Credit: Royal Albatross

Image Credit: The Arts House

Image Credit: Sky Garden

Hold your wedding banquet at your ideal restaurant serving your favourite cuisine. Download the hitcheed app for free on App Store and Google Play to browse through the list of restaurants available. 

For more wedding venues offering a myriad of your favourite cusines, click here.

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