8 Different Photography Styles Every Wedding Couple Should Know

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They say a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye and the photographer is the witness. Photography is definitely an important aspect of every wedding. We go through the moment of a lifetime on our big day for just once and the only way to relieve all these memories is by capturing all the fluttering moments. After you have found your right wedding photographer, you will need to decide on the wedding photograph style(s) you would want for your wedding day. Talk to your wedding photographer about it, but before that, we are going to show you the eight different wedding photography styles. Take your time to decide which style would suit you the best. 

1. Digital 

The first question you will need to ask yourself is whether to go with film, digital or a mixture of both. In today’s technology, digital is the most common way of shooting. Digital fulfills the human desire of being able to capture a moment and then relive it even a few years down the road. Digital photography is ideal for couples when you need instant photos. It is especially useful for photos that will be displayed on the digital platforms such as Instagram or Facebook for guests viewing. Digital photography could be processed just days after your wedding and the shots can be adjusted accordingly. Digital cameras have revolutionized photography as they can shoot in low light circumstances. This is a perk when you have weddings outdoor where you might be faced with varying lighting. Of course, digital photographers have more freedom to play around with lighting options and angles. All the characteristics mentioned make digital photography an ideal option if you are looking at pushing creative boundaries without the constraints of film. Just smile and snap your way through on your big day! 

Photographer: Leslie PhotographyPhotographer: 36frames

2. Film

Some people might say that film photography is an “outdated” technology. However, film photography is already a legend in another league ever since its invention forty years ago. Unlike digital, film requires more time and cost in order to process and edit. So why do you shoot film when digital cameras are so advanced? Shooting in film allows better understanding on exposure, motion and light. Film allows photographer to think much more about the background and composition in a photo and how light is falling on the object. You wedding day photos are going to turn out with greater depth and they are sure to be developed into one of the best photographs with in-between moments and unexpected instances.

Photographer: thegaleria

3. Classic

Once you have figured out the digital versus film dilemma, it is now time to consider the vibe and look of your photos. Ever flipped through the photo albums of your parents or grandparents and see those classic images they have in it? The photos are the ones where they strike a pose and look formal. This style of photos never go out of style and will always remain classic, withstanding the test of time. Shooting photos like this, it will require the photographer’s artistic skills and techniques. Photos as such reflect reality. Despite some people thinking that they are ordinary, we think ordinary is beautiful. If you like such timeless look where you will be able to relive the moments few years down the road with your grandchildren, opt for the classic style of photography.

Photographer: John15 Photography Photographer: Acapella Photography 

4. Photojournalism 

This style of photography is still relatively new to wedding photography and has become increasingly popular in the recent years. It is characterized by the natural approach of the photographer where he or she follows the couple and guests through the day while capturing the events during the wedding in an unobtrusive manner. Similar to its name, it used to be shot by photojournalist and it showcases photographs that are the kinds you would see on a newspaper (like a wedding coverage). Photojournalism captures the natural flow of the wedding to give couples a pure documentary coverage of their wedding, capturing action as it happens. If you find posing for photos forced and not your cup of tea then this wedding photography style would be your jam.

Photographer: Kinici Photo

5. Lifestyle

Before the jargon of photography scares you, Lifestyle photography style is just photojournalism being redefined. Similar to photojournalism, it is totally candid but it is done with some direction and styling. This is where photographers will look for moments during the wedding but also set the scene to give it an artistic twist Lifestyle photographers help to create opportunities to generate spontaneous reactions for his or her photos. As you strike a balance between authentic and staged photographs, you will definitely be telling stories with your wedding photography shot in the lifestyle photography style.

Photographer: Thomas Tan Photography

6. Modern Traditional

Want something classic like your parents’ wedding photo but find it a tad too tacky? Modern Traditional photography style gives your wedding photo an upgrade. The emphasis in this style of photography is on the portraits. Photographers pay attentions to small details on your big day with the intent of collating the photographs together in a printed album afterwards. These images are clean and shot professionally, having put huge emphasis on capturing your wedding day moments and making those moments part of your wedding’s visual story.

Photographer: Click! Photography

7. Dramatic

Dramatic wedding photography style spells “EPIC”. They are those kind of photos with dramatic backdrop and impeccable lighting. They are images that have a certain level intensity and are not commonly seen in the other photography styles. Of course, such photos require the skilled lighting techniques together with touch-ups after the photos are be taken. The end product is dramatic and editorial. Photographers might face challenges such as low-light setting but a well-skilled photographer will always find a way to create a dramatic scenario even with the constraints, taking amazing photos to capture every part of your wedding day. Opt for this style if you are looking for something unique and memorable.

Photographer: Acapella Photography

8. Artistic

The term "artistic" gets thrown around a lot in the wedding industry but it requires a highly skilled photographer in order to capture the moments and make it artistic. It is artistic when you see photographs, which do not exactly have the fixed photography standards. Photographers can choose not to stick to the status quo and have his or her photographs delivered with a unique and artistic twist. At the end of the day, an artistic photo can be both a wedding photo and a standalone piece of art. 

Photographer: Andri Tei Photography 

At the end of the day, most photographers do a hybrid of styles and it is sure that you will find a style that is right for you. If you have haven’t have your eyes set on a certain photographer, hop over to hitcheed app available for free on App Store and Google Play.There is a list of professional photographers with portfolios shown and you would definitely find a photographer who is a good fit for you.