8 Popular Rustic Wedding Venues In Singapore To Look Out For

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You can’t plan a wedding these days without running into wedding inspiration boards or pinned images of the perfect rustic wedding. But is this rustic wedding trend and why is it becoming so popular in metropolitan Singapore? We weigh in on how you can find the perfect location and adapt it for your own wedding!

Image Credit: Skyve Wine Bistro

In the wedding industry, ‘rustic’ weddings are related to the great outdoors or countryside, either through a romantic al fresco venue or by adding nature-inspired themes into the event. With the shift towards less over-the-top weddings, rustic weddings are getting more popular with contemporary brides. It could involve up-cycling of everyday things, such as mason jars, watering cans and simple wooden crates into the reception setting, making it inexpensive and timeless. With simple and casual details, this versatile theme surpasses trends and is easily adaptable to the couple’s taste, style and preference. 

While one of the most important things to consider when planning a rustic wedding is its location, you don’t have to limit yourself to the outdoor settings. You can easily get the same rustic feel by incorporating vintage architecture or restored historic buildings into your special day. We found 10 great locations where you can have the ultimate rustic wedding right here in the city.

In the heart of the City

1. RedDot BrewHouse

Image Credit: RedDot BrewHouse 

Another venue with a rustic garden charm on Dempsey Hill is the RedDot BrewHouse. The beautiful indoor and outdoor seating spans across 10,000 sqft area, offering numerous options for your solemnisation ceremony, reception dinner or after parties in one great venue. Your guests will enjoy the laidback romantic appeal of this quaint location.

Image Credit: RedDot BrewHouse 

Find out more about RedDot BrewHouse here
Guest Capacity: 50-300 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 4,250

2. Open Farm Community

Image Credit: Open Farm Community 

When we think of rustic weddings, we think of characteristic wooden tables, galvanised buckets, modern sparklers, and more nature-themed elements. At Open Farm Community, you can blend a unique mix of vintage, country, and natural ambience in this glasshouse like space to showcase a couple’s individual style.

Image Credit: Open Farm Community 

With ample of light illuminating the rooms, it instantly sets the mood for a perfect afternoon wedding or romantic dinner celebration. Ask about incorporating their succulents or wildflowers to spruce up your decorations and make a incredible backdrop for photo taking!

Find out more about Open Farm Community here.
Guest Capacity: 40-70 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 12,000

3. Skyve Wine Bistro

Image Credit: Skyve Wine Bistro

For those who love picturesque settings with a touch of elegance, Skyve Wine Bistro is the perfect venue for your wedding. The mix of natural lighting and high ceiling makes for a great backdrop for fairy lights, floral centrepieces and chalkboard decors. Add in handwritten place cards or twine accented table settings for your guests to enjoy your rustic-glam wedding. Continue the celebrations in the spacious al fresco area; it is the ideal location for the wedding party to put their dancing shoes on! 

Find out more about Skyve Wine Bistro here
Guest Capacity: 20-120 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 120 per pax

4. Senso Ristorante & Bar

Image Credit: Senso Ristorante & Bar 

For couples who prefer rustic chic vibes at their wedding, a heritage shophouse is a great backdrop with its understated contemporary feels and tall open spaces. Not only do the refined decor and natural elements at Senso Ristorante lend more personality to your wedding, it is also a great photo opportunity for your guests to mingle and enjoy your celebrations in a minimalistic setting.

Find out more about Senso Ristorante & Bar here 
Guest Capacity: 10-180 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 680

5. Lewin Terrace

Image Credit: Lewin Terrace 
Nestled in the city centre, this neo-colonial location is a great location for the modern couple. With lush foliage around the terrace, couples who want a rustic garden themed wedding can easily display your wooden photo frames or burlap and lace decor to add to the great space. Incorporate rustic elements into your invites, table decor and even favours to complete your dream rustic thematic wedding.

Image Credit: Lewin Terrace 

Find out more about Lewin Terrace here 
Guest Capacity: 1-100 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 9,888

6. Halia at Botanic Gardens Singapore

Exotic meets rustic at Villa Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens. This lovely location is intoxicating with blossom scents and a romantic atmosphere befitting your themed wedding. Your guests will enjoy walking up the flowering garden path to the charming and whimsical reception area–decorated with wooden crates and twine to complement your rustic theme.
Image Credit: Halia at Botanic Gardens Singapore 

Find out more about Halia at Botanic Gardens Singapore here
Guest Capacity: 100-140 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 25,000

Escape the hustle and bustle

7. Vineyard

Image Credit: Vineyard

A memorable rustic themed wedding is pared down to a few key details to be successful: a great location, natural yet romantic table setting, and eclectic elements. Vineyard–amidst the luscious greenery of HortPark, part of the Southern Ridges–is a great space for your intimate event.

Image Credit: Vineyard

Boost more elements of rustic chic with your own displays, low centrepieces, dreamy overhead decor and let the amazing landscape take center stage.

Find out more about Vineyard here.
Guest Capacity: 50-85 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 115 per pax

8. Little Island Brewing Co. Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Little Island Brewing

Tucked in eastern Singapore is a contemporary spot for intimate parties and solemnisation events. At Little Island Brewing, your guests will enjoy the laid-back atmosphere–the essence of every beautiful rustic wedding. This popular location mixes old and new well with its industrial chic vibe and charming rustic appeal.

Image Credit: Little Island Brewing

Choose to decorate the tables with loose greenery or everlasting blooms wrapped in twine or lace as opposed to traditional ribbons for an added personal touch to your special day.

Find out more about Little Island Brewing here.
Guest Capacity: 30-380 pax
Minimum Cost: SGD 1,140

With these great rustic wedding locations to kick off your nuptial plans, don’t forget to make the wedding your own by incorporating natural decorative elements in an understated neutral colour palette. Hitcheed is here to complete your ideal wedding day by customising it to your style and preferences with free recommendations, no commission charges!

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