8 Small and Intimate Wedding Venues You Won't Believe are in Singapore!

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Do away with the classic ballroom wedding, and check out these unique places in Singapore, that absolutely look like heaven! Forget the four-walled ballrooms and standard hotel weddings and choose a venue that perfectly suits the free-spirited soul you are! Step away from tradition and select a venue that deceivingly looks like you are overseas without burning a hole in your pocket from jetting your family and friends over!


Is bali your favorite holiday destination? Did you fall in love under the breathtaking sunset with sand under your feet and salt in the air? If yes, then Coastes is perfect for you. A nautical themed wedding, an whimsical outdoorsy beach wedding, or simply a simple and intimate ceremony, Coastes is the perfect location for you. Leave the towering skyscrapers behind, and get married in nature away from the concrete jungle that is Singapore.

Jim Thompson

Transport your mind to the authentic and alluring charm of Thailand with Jim Thompson. Located on Dempsey Hill, Jim Thompson brings you the most authentic thai experience from their stunning interior design and their carefully curated menu designed to reflect an appealing mix of tradition and innovation. Good food, wonderful atmosphere, and the authentic charm of Thailand. What more can you ask?

SuperTree Restaurant @ Gardens by the Bay

Forget out of Singapore, this restaurant is simply out of this world! Whisk yourselves away to the top of the world, and match your spirits on the most important day of your life with SuperTree! With a dazzling view of the whimsical and artful Gardens By The Bay, the only thing you have to worry about is the view stealing attention away from yourselves!

Open Farm Community

Tucked away in its own sanctuary, the quaint little Open Farm Community offers good food from farm to table as well as a beautiful environment to enjoy it in. Surrounded by lush greenery and the beautiful rustic design of the restaurant, your wedding photos will look both beautiful and intimate, and memories will be close to the heart.

Lewin Terrace

Accompanied by a delightful quaint little terrace and a view overlooking lush foliage and stunning blossoms, Lewin Terrace offers you an intimate homely elegant wedding. Dedicated to giving you the most magical and memorable wedding ever, Lewin Terrace spares no expense with their flickering candle lights, glowing fairy lights and stunning decorations. With their fine dining menu, rest assured you can put your trust in their capable hands.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden poses as the quintessential rooftop wedding venue of the South China Sea. What better way to feel on top of the world by being on top of the world? Day or night, Sky Garden is a gem of a rooftop and is one of the most unique wedding venues offering a blend of luxury, impeccable food, installed amenities and an iconic view.

Skyve Wine Bistro

Located a few minutes away from the Orchard Road, tucked away in a charming and discreet nook for a quiet refuge from the city bustle, Skyve is capable of creating an unforgetting experience for both the wedding couples and guests.

Modern yet old school, this wine bistro is the perfect setting for an intimate and cozy ceremony. Have your friends and family gathered around you in a beautiful little nook in Orchard and be waited on with immaculate service.

Sabio by the Sea

Funky, colourful and filled with life, Sabio Tapas Bar, one of the first tapas bars in Singapore, offers a tempting selection of authentic Spanish sharing tapas. Good food, good company, and a one-of-a-kind location to get married, this laid back and spacious location offers a view of the Sentosa Marina. Buen Provecho!


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