8 Trending Destinations For Overseas Wedding Photoshoots - Part 2

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If you enjoyed Part 1 of our series on the trending overseas destination shooting spots, we want to introduce you to more beautiful pre-wedding locations that are closer to home in Part 2!

4. Japan

Image Credit: Chris Chang Photography 

Beyond the iconic cherry blossoms, Japan charms all with its dreamy seasons and traditional culture unique only to them.

Image Credit: Click! Photography 

Be it a cultural photoshoot in old Japan of Kyoto, or mesmerizing snowy backdrop. Autumn is another season that is good for visiting or photoshoots with its rich hues and cool weather.

Image Credit: thegaleria

5. South Korea

Image Credit: Lightcraft Creative Collective 

In recent years, South Korea has amassed a large following for its magical scenery of blooms in Spring, impressive orange hues in Autumn, and dreamlike powder white landscapes in Winter. 

Image Credit: Knottin’ Visuals

Each of its seasons carries a unique charm in Seoul, as well as in Jeju and Busan; if you ask us, South Korea is a great destination for your pre-wedding shoot any time of the year.

Image Credit: Lightcraft Creative Collective 

6. Indonesia

Image Credit: Loveinstills 

Not only is Bali and Lombok in Indonesia popular with couples for honeymoons or engagement parties, it is also a huge favourite for pre-wedding photoshoots. With a variety of rice paddies, beaches, and volcanic mountains, the island and its beautiful resorts make for a great spot to capture and celebrate romantic moments.

Image Credit: Depthofeel 

7. Thailand

Image Credit: Darren and Jade Photography

Everyone loves Thailand for its exotic (and affordable) vacation spots. Just a short trip to the outskirts or beautiful beaches can easily transport you into a resort wonderland and make for an awe-inspiring photoshoot.

Image Credit: thegaleria 

You’ll find the style and mood of your photoshoot change throughout the day with the magnificent sunrise and sunsets, so work with your photographer to find which locations and styles suit you best.

Image Credit: Douglas Fun Photography

8. Malaysia

Image Credit: Meteor Production 

Be amazed at what Mother Nature has to offer in Malaysia; from waterfalls and beautiful cliffs to lush forests and paddy fields, there are a great number of photo spots right in our “backyard”. While Cameron Highlands offers stunning views of the tea plantation atop the breezy hilltop, it is Langkawi and Selangor that is fast gaining popularity with its dreamlike beaches and greenery.

Image Credit: thegaleria

If you are renting gowns for your outdoors overseas shoot, don't forget to check the terms with your boutique on your rental, as well as number of locations within a trip. It's always good to be well prepared for a big ticket expense! It's always good to know what your package entails to avoid surprise add-ons later on.

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We hope we rekindled your sense of adventure and wanderlust despite the busy wedding planning with trending overseas shoot locations! If you missed out on Part 1, click here to see more and gush over the amazing views of Australia, New Zealand and Europe!

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