Bold Blooms & Moody Hues: Wedding Floral Trends of 2019

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With 2019 fast approaching – where did this year go!? - it's time to explore the emerging floral trends that will be transforming weddings next year. We wave a reluctant 'bye bye' to pastel shades to make way for bolder, brighter, more vibrant hues and ambitious statement pieces. Read on for some inspiring need-to-know floral trends that will make your wedding pop.

Bold Bouquets

Bouquets of 2019 are all about striking colours and daring pairings. Opt for minimal greenery to fully hero the blooms and mix unique pairings to emphasise texture to allow each flower type to sing - it's all about big and bold this year.

Images from Ina Shea's website

As the rustic concept of burlap and baby's breath begins to fade out, we'll start to see a more elegant approach. Romance meets industrial and jewel-toned colours such as maroon, ruby, cerise, coral, sapphire, amethyst and topaz take centre stage.

Images from Charlotte Puxley's website

Mixing both low and high notes--infusing subdued shades with bolder colours--creates a look that's both sophisticated and simple, a floral staple for 2019 weddings.

Image from Blush Flowers in New Zealand

Images from Ina Shea's website


Floral architecture isn't new to weddings by any means, but 2019 takes it a step further than the typical floral arch into larger, more structured arrangements, like hanging installations above tables or epic flower walls to create some major insta-worthy drama. Suspended foliage hovering over tables will allow for a more modest centre piece, meaning more room on the table for your guests.

Image from Whiff

Image from Blush Flowers in New Zealand

Use your environment wisely--during your venue search look out for architectural elements that will allow you to work some magic: a cascade of flowers unfurling from ceiling rafters, over staircases, or from window arches.

Images from Ina Shea's website

Image from Grown Florists, Australia

Images from Charlotte Puxley's website

An alternate styling trend that has developed from the ever popular millennial pink and gold aesthetic, is metallic painted greenery--and we adore it. Take tropical plants such as palms, monstera or lotus pods and spray paint them gold (or bronze) work with florals to create contemporary chic installations.

Image from Pomp and Splendour, Australia


Centrepieces will bow down to a more dramatic use of flowers in the way of installations. They will likely be low, subtle floral pieces as punctuations along a table or tailored greenery bringing the outdoors in.

Image from Fleur de Joy's website

Image from Fleur Boutique's website

Dried flowers are also a burgeoning trend that work with the jewel colour palette and create a modern, sophisticated look that will last. It's a smart, economic way of giving your wedding a unique edge.

Image from Whiff

Images from Ina Shea's website

To round up, 2019 is all about drama: play with composition, mix up colours and texture, play with the space available to you and if all else fails just add a touch of gold. We can't wait to see what you come up with. If you'd like your wedding featured on, email us at

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