Hitcheed Answers the 6 Wedding Questions You'll Never Think To Ask!

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We get it. Planning a wedding is hard, and most of all, it’s stressful and tiring. There are many questions you don’t have the time to ask, or even think of, during these hectic days leading up to your big day.

You’re probably a pro though, able to handle any curveball that the wedding might throw at you. However, in case you don’t have the time to ask these questions that you’ll never think of until the big day, here’s a compilation of 6 questions that you might want to study so you’re prepared for your wedding day.

Do I wear my engagement ring during the ceremony? Which finger am I supposed to put it on?

There’s no right or wrong answer for this, unless mandated by your religion. However, it’s entirely up to you! As long as your wedding band goes on your left ring finger, the one closest to your heart, you’re good to go. Feel free to stack your wedding band on top of your engagement ring and wear it as a set, or safekeep it during the ceremony and wear it back during the reception. Either way, it will definitely remain a beautiful and symbolic accessory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I’m wearing a veil, who drapes on my veil for me and who lifts it up?

If for your wedding ensemble you opt for a traditional veil, it’s customary for your parents to symbolically drape it for you as a gesture of giving their blessings to your union. During the ceremony however, there are two ways to go about the lifting of the veil. Either have your father lift up the veil before he gives you away to the groom, or have the groom lift it up right before the big kiss.

Who walks me down the aisle? Do I walk down alone, or does my father have to give me away?

Traditionally, fathers walk daughters down the aisle, giving their blessings along with handing you over to the love of your life. However, if that’s not your preference, you can always choose to have both your parents walk ahead in front of you, or have your husband walk you down instead. Etiquettes are there as a guideline to make your life easier, but it should not be more important than your feelings. Go ahead and follow your heart on this. That’s what a wedding is all about.

How do I use the bathroom when I’m dressed up to the nines in my beautiful but cumbersome wedding dress?

Cascading, flowing, long dresses are beautiful. After all, Princess Diana didn’t achieve an iconic wedding gown with a miniskirt. However, they can definitely be troublesome using the bathroom with. You can definitely opt for a silk sheath to make your life easier and to do away with any possible awkward situations that might arise having your friends follow you into the bathroom. However, if that is not possible, we’ll definitely advise getting over the initial awkwardness and get some help lifting up your dress. It’s definitely worth it. Trust us.

How do I kiss at my wedding? Do I make out with my husband/wife-to-be? Do I awkwardly do a PG-13 peck?

We wouldn’t advise a full-blown makeout session in front of your conservative grandmother, but neither do we recommend a lukewarm Disney style peck on the lips. It’s your first kiss as a couple. Do whatever comes naturally, and make sure it does not go beyond a painfully awkward to watch 10 seconds, and you should be set. Go with what feels right, and let the love flow through.

Do I have to toss the bouquet? Or is that a westerner thing that doesn’t apply to Singapore?

Tossing the bouquet came out of an age-old tradition where guests would get a piece of the bride’s clothing for a symbol of good fortune. But thousands of dollars of fabric being ripped to pieces became impractical to carry on the practice, and became the bride tossing her bouquet to her unmarried friends. Now that you know where the practice came from, you can decide whether or not you wish to bless your friends with fortune, or do away with gaudy superstition. (Tip: Get your florist to make a smaller, lighter bouquet specially for the toss.)


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