How To Choose A Bridal Package in Singapore?

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The average Singaporean wedding costs from $40,000 to $80,000, and it’s no wonder why more and more couples are trying to reduce this figure without compromising on the exciting and beautiful elements that makes a wedding unique and memorable.

One of the major expenses of your big day is selecting a bridal studio for gown and suit rentals. Besides gown and suit rentals, bridal studios offer photography studio hours and a dedicated photographer, make-up and hair services, corsages, accessories, and other floral services, just to name a few.

While some couples prefer to go the à la carte route and choose the individual vendors themselves to save cost and have more control, you shouldn’t overlook bridal studios and their packages. Sure, the price is higher, but the convenience and experience these bridal packages offer are perfect for the busy couples who do still prioritise quality. The planning and coordination of a wedding and various photoshoots take up time and effort so it’s best to opt for bridal studios if you’re pressed for time or don’t know where to begin searching for vendors.

If you’ve narrowed your options and allocated your budget to a bridal studio, then the next pressing question is: which bridal studio? With so many popular names and options in Singapore, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are 3 tips to kick off your bridal studio-shopping!

  1. Create a list of what services you need from the bridal studio and your overall budget to cover these services. Always plan wisely and allocate sufficient budget in case of additional rental hours or damage cost. If you have already engaged a preferred photographer or make up artist, then some of the bridal packages offered might not be right for you.
  2. Start off by researching on the reputation of the bridal studios you shortlisted. Read the testimonials on forums and reviews on their Hitcheed pages to know what to expect if you hire them.
  3. Manage your timeline. Do not expect miracle workers or to squeeze in everything you have within an unrealistic time frame. With reputable bridal studios, many popular dates are already booked so it’s good to plan ahead and get the dates you want for a photoshoot weeks to months ahead.

With these tips in mind, we recommend these 6 bridal studios in Singapore for your wedding day needs. Read on to find out why we love them:

Dedicated Gowns Rental and Maker

1. The Gown Warehouse

Known for: Stunning "Pin-worthy!" Wedding Gowns & Evening Gowns 

Perfect for: Contemporary stylish brides with love editorial-worthy gowns 

Images Credits: The Gown Warehouse

See The Gown Warehouse's full portfolio here.
Gown Rates: From $780
Packages Rates: From $1,688

2. La Belle Couture

Known for: Over-the-rack & Made-to-measure Wedding Gowns & Evening Gowns

Perfect for: Classical brides who appreciate a strong silhouette and trending styles

Images Credits: La Belle Couture

See La Belle Couture's full portfolio here.
Gowns: From $1,600

Full Suite of Photography Services + Wide Array of Gowns

3. Bluebay Wedding

Known for: Travel photography, Breathtaking Wedding Gowns & Evening Gowns

Perfect for: Busy brides who want to squeeze a quick getaway to a new destination for beautiful pre-wedding shoot 

Images Credits: Bluebay Wedding

See Bluebay Wedding's full portfolio here.
Actual Day Rates: From $1,680
Pre-Wed Rates: From $1,880
Overseas Rates: From $4,880

4. Love Story Wedding Boutique

Known for: Travel photography, Wedding Gown & Evening Gowns

Perfect for: Elegant brides who appreciate strong storytelling photography and stunning gowns

Images Credits: Love Story Wedding Boutique

See Love Story Wedding Boutique's full portfolio here.
Actual Day Rates: From $2,088
Pre-Wed Rates: From $1,988
Overseas Rates: From $2,500
Gowns: From $600

5. Mémoire & Co

Known for: Travel photography, Wedding Gown & Evening Gowns

Perfect for: Brides who love to inject culture, style, and that x-factor in their photo shoot, be it local or overseas

Images Credits: Mémoire & Co.

See Mémoire & Co.'s full portfolio here.
Actual Day Rates: From $2,988
Pre-Wed Rates: From $2,299
Package Rates: From $3,999

6. My Bridal Room

Known for: One-stop service, Wedding Gown & Evening Gowns, Photography and Videography service, Car decoration, Hair and Make up beauty services

Perfect for: Busy brides who embraces elegant silhouettes and wear classical gowns with confidence

Images Credits: My Bridal Room

See My Bridal Room's full portfolio here.
Gown Rates: From $1,200

We know it's hard to decide on a bridal studio partner for your wedding day so why not let us suggest a few to your style and preference. Simply submit your request here for free recommendations! 

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