It’s Giveaway Time! Gatecrash your way to a Romantic Staycation.

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Gatecrashing - the event all aspiring bridesmaids have been waiting for, and the tormentous nightmare grooms and their band of brothers fear of. This tradition, still prevalent in modern Chinese weddings, has been the rite of passage that grooms need to endure since ancient China. With the groom, supported by his “xiong dis” (groomsmen) and the bride, protected by her “jie meis” (bridesmaids), this inescapable ritual is a test for him to prove his unwavering love for his beloved. To survive through this ordeal takes a great deal of courage, sweat, and sometimes even tears. Here at Hitcheed we want to reward you for your bravery, and revel in your misery--read on for hilarious gatecrashing inspiration and how to win a romantic staycation for two. 

Jason & Grace's wedding, Acapella Photography

1) Food Bingo!

Fiery shots of tabasco, funky chunks of durian, piquant sandwiches of wasabi, and stinky wedges of blue cheese - these are just some simple examples to start off the fun. You could add an extra twist by peppering some of these unpalatable foods into a nerve-wrecking game of ‘Bingo’. Have the groomsmen pick a number and eat the food designated to that number on the bingo board. End it off with a huge bowl of famous spicy ramen, that will leave your groom and his team scrambling for some water. Be sure to have a box of tissues at hand, ready to wipe the tears from the groom’s face...or not!

Alson & Jolene's wedding, Andri Tei Photography

Rex & Phay Key's wedding, Antelope Studios

Mitch and Joanna's wedding, Natalie Wong Photography

Ethan and Qin Ning's wedding, Awesome Memories Photography

2) Suit it up… or Dress it down

Here’s the thing, gatecrashing doesn’t have to be all fun for the bride and no fun for the groom. Spice up the scene by dressing up as you favourite epic movie character-- from the stunning wizards of Harry Potter to the adorable, yet slightly annoying minions, from Despicable Me. Elevate your sense of creativity by wearing a tutu skirt. Not enough? Add in a humorous touch by wearing your undergarments over your suit!

Shi Xiu & Gilyn's wedding, Antelope Studios

Gary & Jenny's wedding, by Acapella Photography

Jonathan and Siberia, Acapella Photography

Hone & Elaine's wedding, 50nFifty Productions

3) Dancing Kings

Get moving and grooving by having the groomsmen imitate dance steps to spark some excitement. It’s always a great deal of fun to dance the trending ‘Pineapple-apple-pen’ dance: why not add in an extra element with a hint of musical chairs. Last man standing gets to decide the fate of the other groomsmen by choosing the forfeits. Alternatively, be amused by challenging the defeated groomsman to perform the smooth steps of Psy’s Gangnam Style. 

Jonathan and Jane's wedding, AndroidsinBoots

Julian and Eileen's wedding, by 50nFifty Productions

Wei Lun & Olivia's wedding, aMusephotographer

Betram and Jasmine's wedding, Andri Tei Photography

Gavin and Annie's wedding, Awesome Memories Photography

Charlton & Ying Ying's wedding, 1st Journal Production

4) Trust the Artist

Lacking experience in makeup? Fret not, because we have an exciting makeup tutorial just for the groomsmen. Here’s the catch, one of the groomsmen will be blindfolded while instructions are provided by the bridesmaids for him to prettify the faces of his fellow brothers. Step back and let their ideas run wild, be impressed by colourful faces with lipstick markings on eyebrows and eyebrow extensions as beards. Your groomsmen will look SO pretty!

Actual wedding day photos by 1st Journal Productions

Walter & Shu Wen's wedding, Multifolds Productions

Bertram and Jasmine's wedding, Andri Tei Photography

Darren and Samantha's wedding, Antelope Studios

Patrick and Xingyun's wedding, Awesome Memories Photography

5) Yoga Jedi

Who says it takes years to master the art of a yoga Jedi? Lift the atmosphere in seconds with some unique yoga poses that the groomsmen can mimic. Ask the groomsmen to form the ‘Tower of Trust’ yoga pyramid, while their physical endurance is being tested, get them to sing a wedding song in that position. With a bit of teamwork (and some flexibility), this challenge won’t be such an impossible feat!

Picture: Rachel & Po Loong's wedding, SideXSide Pictures 

Rex & Phay Key's wedding, Antelope Studios

Caspar & Jesline's wedding, aMusephotographer

Ethan and Qin Ning's wedding, Awesome Memories Photography

Avian and Fion's wedding, DepthoFeel

6) Feel the love… or fear?

This idea is easily one of the most jittery games that will set your creativity into spin. Place almost anything--from a squishy ball to a slimy squid--into a box or container then blindfold the groom’s squad. Get them to make a guess of the item in each box based solely on their sense of touch. You might even hear the most macho groomsmen scream, and the guys might just flee thinking they were touching their greatest fear. How suspenseful!

Nick and Elizabeth's wedding, Acapella Photography

7)  Final touch - the lasting impression

Getting through the gate wouldn’t be that monumental without one last final touch - showering the bride with lovely words of affection. Get the groom to make the best first impression by serenading her with a song composed on the spot, or how about writing a spontaneous poem of the things he likes about her. Seal the deal with a letter of promises he will keep close to his heart, for a marriage of eternal bliss.

Benjamin and Audrey's wedding, Andri Tei Photography

Mitch and Joanna's wedding, Natalie Wong Photography

Max and Jean's wedding, DepthoFeel

Darren and Samantha's wedding, Antelope Studios

Chris & Kex's wedding, by 39 East Photography

While this traditional ritual might be a nightmare for the grooms, it is undoubtedly the most memorable once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. As the groom marches through the gate in triumph, it is a monumental celebration of reunited love for the betrothed couple. 

Jason & Grace's wedding, Acapella Photography

Liang Song and Huimin's wedding, Awesome Memories Photography


Have you seen better than this? Have you recently partaken in such a torturous event? Share with us your ideas or your funniest gatecrashing photo and you might win a luxurious staycation! We want creativity and tears, laughter and bad costumes; best photo wins! 

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