Let's Hear it for the Boys: The Ultimate Groom & Groomsmen Style Guide You'll Love

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Your venue is booked, your dress chosen, the bridesmaids are sorted...but what about the boys? How do you get your main man looking dashing and the groomsmen looking sharp? How do you coordinate styles to complement you and your bridesmaids? There are surprisingly so many options to choose from, but don’t fret we’ve got your back, from colour combinations to fun accessories, we’ve created the ultimate dapper style guide. Read on for groom and groomsmen’s attire inspiration for the ultimate picture perfect wedding, and don’t forget to pass it on.

To Tux or Not to Tux?

The tux is the godfather of all suits, they feature satin on lapels and are usually accompanied by a cummerbund. Designated for more formal themes and venues ensure that it complements the style of your wedding and your dress before your beau commits to this option. Think James Bond; they’re classic, suave and a perfect option for a super luxe ballroom wedding.

Images by Blossom Daisy Creative, Australia; Couple: Megan & Michael

Images by Blossom Daisy Creative, Australia, Couple: Tennille & Tobias

For a more informal but still smart option opt for the trusted suit. With a variety of cuts and colours you can pick one to complement or contrast with the bridesmaids. You can go all out with a three-piece; donning a vest under your jacket to inject a touch of old world charm or go classic and comfortable in a two-piece. Suits generally offer a wider variety of options, are a timeless piece and if you choose to buy, they can be worn again - bonus! 

Images by Terralogical, Bali vendor, Couple: Julia & Ali

The latest in suit trends is tartan & plaid, check out these bold options - you only get married once after all.

Bespoke suits by Wes & Co

A Casual Affair

So you’ve shortlisted suit options but which avenue do you want to go down? If you’re having an outdoor, daytime wedding, feel free to wear something a little more comfortable and casual. Lighter coloured suits work well for garden weddings especially paired with a pastel tie or bow tie, or why not try something in seersucker or linen - perfect for this Singapore heat and they look great too - very Italian Riviera.

Images by Heart and Colour, Australia; Couple: Jemma & Tom

Images by Tu Nguyen, wedding in Crete

Mix & Match

Throw away the idea that the groom has to match with your groomsmen, in fact, it’s important to let the groom shine. Usually done through varying accessories, modern grooms are opting for an alternate colour suit that either complements the groomsmen or contrasts entirely, you can try different shades of blue or go all out and have your groom in white while his groomsmen complement in black - you can’t go wrong with monochrome.

Images by Tu Nguyen, wedding in Santorini

If you want to stick to a cohesive colour block you can switch it up with a mix of styles and/or textures. Have the groom stand out in a stunning-three piece while the groomsmen dress more casual in a vest or suspenders. Incorporate textured fabric like tweed for your grooms suit to add a unique rustic touch or keep it safe with textured touches like a bowtie or pocket square - a subtle on trend option that will look stunning in your pictures.

Images by Ephemeral Creative, Australia; Couple: Renni & Scott

Style it Out

Are you team tie or bow tie? Once seen as a more formal option, the bow tie can now be styled to inject some fun. Ties will however offer more variety in colour and texture and offer a timeless solution. You could even play with both with your groomsmen in ties and your groom set apart with a cute dickie bow tie. (Don’t worry, there are plenty of chic clip-on options.)

Images by Fire, Wood & Earth, Bali vendor - Selvia & Arthur)

Now, how to keep those pesky pants up? Your options are suspenders or a belt - never both! Belts are the classic option and have the added bonus of being easily reusable and classic, just make sure you match your belt to your shoes - brown belt, brown shoes! Suspenders are the fun, dapper option, pair them correctly with pants with no belt loops. You can match the colour of the suspenders with the bridesmaid dresses to make your wedding photos pop.

Images by Fire, Wood & Earth, Bali; Couple: William & Amelia

This is where you can really have some fun. These final touches not only add a bit of personality but can make great gifts for the groomsmen. Match suits with accessories by having the groomsmen suspenders paired with the groom’s suit, or why not coordinate bowties and boutonnieres with your wedding colours. Finish the look off with elaborate cufflinks - get them custom made for that personal touch - and don’t forget to show off your wild side with those socks.

Image from Pinterest

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