Millennials Ruin Everything...Except Weddings?

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Millennials have been accused of ruining loads of things, from the 9-to-5 working hours, relationships and even marriage, as they often prefer to marry later in life, if at all, and let's face it, their priorities in a wedding are obviously much different from their parents' expectations. Here are some ways we think millennials have redefined weddings--in Singapore, in particular. These include choosing non-hotel venues with a smaller guest list, focusing more on reception services to wow and entertain their guests, having themed photos for their gatecrashing, making their weddings Insta-worthy with gorgeous decor, and personalising everything about their wedding to be uniquely their own, even down to the wedding favours. 

Intimate, Non-Hotel Venues

Forget the 60 table hotel banquet where the couple might not know half of the guests--the current generation of millennials prefer casual, intimate affairs so they can happily spend more time on their wedding day with their nearest and dearest. Since this generation is all about the 'gram, you'll love these Pinterest and Instaworthy venues in Singapore: Watabe at Chijmes, Skyve Wine Bistro and Vineyard at Hort Park, just to name a few, or you could go the classic hipster route and have your wedding at Wheeler's Estate. 

The gorgeous wedding setup at Vineyard at Hort Park

Watabe Singapore at Chijmes, images from their Facebook page

Weddings at Skyve Wine Bistro

An unconventional and quirky wedding venue--Wheeler's Yard


Instead of opting for the decor provided by the venue, you might prefer customised and personalised decor from a professional like Fabulation did for these weddings, whether your aesthetic includes a large floral circle to frame the backdrop, with loads of candle holders adorning the aisle and simple white tulle covering the chairs, or a simpler floral arch with small bouquets on the chairs and flower petals on the ground or tall centerpieces in fuschia and complementary shades of pink. 

Decorations by Fabulation

Reception Services

Another rather recent trend in weddings is to have a number of reception services for your guests, to entertain them while you're off doing other things on your wedding day, such as taking pictures with your bridal party, or changing into a second outfit...or even just taking time off from your guests to soak in the momentous occasion. The most popular are dessert tables, photo booths, mobile coffee carts

Dessert Tables

Cupcakes, lollipops, bite-sized tarts, macarons, a specially-created fruit punch--end your wedding reception on a sweet note with these delectable treats, thoughtfully created and beautifully arranged by vendors like La Bonnie Pastries. Having this at your wedding is a great touch and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. 

Dessert Tables by La Bonnie Pastries


One of the stalwarts of the wedding industry in recent years, this is a perfect opportunity to get groups of friends and family together against a gorgeous backdrop to take their best photos, and let them keep these mementoes of your big day...just don't forget the fun props! 

Samples of photobooth pictures by Fourstops Photography

Coffee Carts

One of the latest--and most beloved by guests and the couple alike--is having a coffee cart at your wedding, serving popular drinks like flat whites, cappucinos and lattes, and for the coffee-intolerant, tea and hot chocolate options, great for those who need a quick caffeine fix. Check out all our other options for entertaining your guests here!

Personalised Pre-Wedding Photos

There's nothing we adore more than having gorgeous pre-wedding, or actual day photos that depicts the couple's favourite interests and passions, whether that means dressing up as superheroes, or even as characters from Star Wars, these delightfully quirky photos will surely bring a smile to your guests--and your--faces every single time. Not a fan of dressing up? Get equally adorable photos with your best fur friend, or showcase your favourite places in the whole wide world--a lot of millennials are well-travelled, and the only thing better than going to these exotic locales is having a professional photographer capture it in stunning quality (way better than using a selfie stick). 

Adriel and Nicole in their pre-wedding shoot by One Eye Click

Photoshoot with Ijin and Colin, images from One Eye Click's Facebook page

Darren & Sophia's trip to Morocco, by AndroidsinBoots, images from their website


One of the things that millennials are more willing to splurge on is videography, which is great for the couple to relive the day--since you'd spend most of the day rushing from one place to the other and your wedding day can be quite a blur--and see the moments and interactions which you might have forgotten about, as well as sharing the morning highlights with your guests at your dinner reception if you're having one, so they can view the activities they might have missed. 

Videography for Ivor and Rachel's wedding day by TodayWe Vow 

Have we missed any trends? Let us know!

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