Picking The Right Neckline For Your Dream Gown

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Just because the dress fits doesn't mean that it is flattering to your body. Avoid any wedding gown disasters when you pick the right neckline for your body type. After all, that sweetheart gown might not be a sweetheart to your figure. 


If you dare to take the plunge, a V-neck gown is perfect for you. While it is commonly known that a V-neck gown will look good on ladies with ample cleavage, it is less commonly known (but no less true) that V-necks are great for ladies who have an apple-shaped body as the emphasis on the chest area will draw attention away from their waists. 

V-necks are also flattering for petite women as the exposure of the décolletage helps to visually elongate the upper body area, creating the illusion of height. However, if you have a small bust, avoid this revealing style.

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Strapless gowns are your best friend if you desire a sophisticated, romantic look. As strapless dresses traverse the bust and under your arms, you will want to be in possession of well-defined collarbones and structured shoulders to successfully pull off this look. 

Give this look a miss if you have a large bust or particularly heavy arms. Flat-chested women should also avoid this style as a strapless gown will not provide that desired hourglass silhouette.

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For the ladies who are uncomfortable with showing too much skin, a gown with a bateau neckline is an appropriate choice which adds a touch of elegance to your look. The coverage this gown provides also makes it suitable for traditional church weddings

Since this neckline traces the curve of the collarbones, it is great for ladies with smaller chests as the neckline adds the illusion of a fuller bust. Ladies with a heavier bust, however, might want to avoid this style. 

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A classic style, the sweetheart neckline creates a heart shape across one’s décolletage and shows just the right amount of cleavage. If you feel a V-neck dress is too risqué but yet you want to flaunt your assets, then this is the perfect neckline for you. 

As it accentuates one’s décolletage, the sweetheart neckline is best for ladies with medium to well-endowed busts. Smaller chested women may want to give this style a miss. 

Image Credit: Emanuel B Couture

A fabulous look awaits you when you find a gown that is perfect for your figure. 

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