Riveting, Emotive, and Powerful: Is Dramatic Wedding Photography Style Perfect For You?

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Dramatic wedding photography is one of the popular styles highly sought after by wedding couples for its spectacular atmosphere, as well as the distinguishable character to the overall photo set.

Dramatic photos are easily recognisable and often framed in the wedding reception for your guests to admire the vivid and striking composition. Here are our top three tips you can follow to start finding the right photographer for your pre-wedding or actual day shoot.

  • Own a dazzling gown? Engage a photographer with a portfolio that showcases the gown with flair, or a stunning portraiture against unusual backdrops. This way you know that they will work with you and be creative with your outfits in the elements.
  • Want to create a unique mood in your photos? Look for strong use of lighting and editing to lend contrast to grand backdrops. This shows strong technical skills and understanding of dramatic and artistic styles
  • Considering an overseas shoot? There are many breathtaking scenery overseas that will lend much character to your dramatic photoshoot. But don't burst your budget if you didn't plan for one originally, as Singapore has many secret and note-worthy gems for your photoshoot. Create a mood board of photos that inspire you before you start your search for a photographer to communicate your style and preferences. 

Get wowed by these 35 dramatic style wedding photos by the top wedding photographers in Singapore; be inspired by photographers with dramatic or dramatic-hybrid photography styles and fall in love with the imposing and awe-inspiring dramatic photos! 

Images Credit: Acapella Photography

Images Credit: Andri Tei Photography

Images Credit: Chris Chang Photography

Images Credit: Loveinstills
Images Credit: Knottin' Visuals

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