The 7 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2017

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Planning a wedding is hardly an easy feat, and sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration to get you going. If you’re tying the knot in 2017, then your wedding planning is probably already well under way. If you need a few more ideas on how to make your special day that much more perfect, then look no further than the hottest wedding trends for 2017 - there’s definitely something here that you are bound to fall in love with.

1. Soft Metallic Accents 

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The colour forecasts are in! Pastel colours may have dominated the wedding decor scene this year, but for 2017, metallics will be making a strong comeback. But forget gawdy golds and silvers - we’re talking about subtler hues like rose gold, copper, and bronze. For a memorable palette that will truely pop, use these beautiful tones for your statement pieces, or as complementary accents on white or bright colours.

2. Illusion Dresses

Image Credit: Divine Couture

This wedding dress style has been around for a while, but is a favourite that’s expected to become only more popular next year. The illusion dress features nude underlays or a near invisible bodice - these provide the appearance of floating lace or floral details. With an illusion dress, you can safely bare a little more skin without worrying about wardrobe mishaps. It’s perfect for the bride-to-be who wants to go beyond conventional necklines, and who wants a dress that is just a little more bold and sensual.

3. Rustic Industrial Themes

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Rustic themes have been all the rage for a couple of years now, but 2017 is going to take this style up a couple of notches. Next year, our goo d ol’ rustic themes will be redefined with the incorporation of glam and vintage elements, creating a chic, modern “rustic industrial” look. Think low-hanging naked lights, minimalist Scandinavian decor, vintage-style dresses, and those trendy metallic hues.

4. Green

Image Credit: Senso Ristorante & BarImage Credit: Andri Tei PhotographyImage Credit: Plush Photography 

Another colour to watch in 2017 is the colour of nature, growth, and harmony: green. You can expect to see green decorative fixtures, or floral bouquets with leaves or branches as signature pieces. Green works amazingly well against plain white decor, and also works especially well if you’re getting married with an outdoor setting. And in a tropical country like Singapore, it’s that much easier to plan a romantic garden or forest themed wedding - with plenty of greens all around!

5. Handcrafted Stationeries

Image Credit: Antelope Studios

Handcrafted stationery has already arrived on the wedding scene this year, but you can anticipate much more of it come 2017. Hand calligraphy on invitation cards, handmade paper flowers hanging from ceilings, and watercolour motifs (to name a few examples) can add a contemporary, hipster touch to your wedding. Want to add an even more personal touch? Take up calligraphy classes with your significant other, and decorate a couple of wedding props with your new crafty skills. DIY is a great bonding activity - and it’s also easy on the wallet!

6. Mismatched Bridesmaids Gowns

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Image Credit: Thomas Tan Photography

It used to be that bridesmaid dresses had to all be one and the same, but not any more. One of the hottest rising trends in weddings today is mismatched bridesmaid gowns. It could be that the dresses are all of the same or similar shade, but each have different cuts to best suit each of your BFFs’ body types. It could also be that the dresses are totally, completely different, and yet somehow perfect complement each other and your overall colour palette. Either way, this is a young trend, and we’re very curious to see how creative it gets!

7. Drone Wedding Videos

Image Credit: Beyond Pictures Cinematography 

The use of drones is fast becoming ubiquitous in modern day photography and videography, and the fact that it has spilled over into the wedding industry is no surprise - frankly, we’re really happy it’s here! There are plenty of wedding videography or photography packages that have an add-on option for drone footage, and this will be increasingly popular in 2017. Get a bird’s eye view of your wedding with drone video footage - trust us, the unique perspectives you will see here are simply breathtaking!

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