These are the Unforgettable Wedding Styling Ideas Your Guests Will Love

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Dress, tick. Venue, tick. Styling...? If you're looking for an alternative option to flowers to style your wedding venue, we've collected ten of our favourite trends to inspire you.

1) Balloons

Oh balloons, the universal sign for party. Too long have they been allocated to our children, now it's our time to reclaim them.

Balloon installations are popping everywhere from art installations to event styling (see Charles Pétillon's 100,000 white balloons in London's Covent Garden & the inimitable Geronimo Balloons, LA). For your wedding styling go bold with a mix of size, colour and texture – a combination of matte and gloss balloons ups the luxe factor and offers up an otherworldly, whimsical effect that will make your wedding one to remember. Get in touch with our trusty vendor Inside The Knot for your balloon inspired styling.

Image Credit: Charles Pétillon

Image Credit: Geronimo in Space

Image Credit: Inside the Knot

2) Macrame

One of our favourite styling options, macrame was huge in the 70s and has since made a resurgence in interiors and weddings alike, with creative brides choosing macrame styling as a modern way to represent that retro, bohemian aesthetic. Make a statement with a large, intricate macrame backdrop as your altar or more subtle with a macrame wrap on your bouquet, macrame table runners or chair décor. Whatever route you decide to go the trusted designers at Happy Crates & Med Kärlek Inc have got your back with these beautiful designs.

Image Credits: Happy Crates

Image Credit: Inside the Knot (Facebook Page)

3) Pom poms

Now, bear with us, we know paper decorations are nothing new but the way in which they're being used certainly is. Like balloons, paper pom poms are being styled together in a more abstract and luxe way, combining sizes and colour they can be hung as a garland or bunched together sculpturally; why not create a chandelier-like installation? Once the epitome of 80s kitsch, paper decorations have made their way back in to the spotlight and as a great and colourful alternative to balloons (and possibly a little more environmentally friendly), try paper lanterns. These are from IM.Perfection.

Image Credits: IM.Perfection

4) Bunting

A well loved trend that's not going anywhere fast, bunting is a true and tested decoration that fits a variety of themes from rustic to whimsy, bringing a distinct, cheery charm to any venue. Don't be shy, opt for reams and reams of bunting to make a statement or use alternating colours and fabrics; burlap, lace and tweed, to create bunting with a difference. A scalloped edge and single- hue creates a more luxe effect, or why not choose bright colours a la papel picado for a fun fiesta vibe – really, when it comes to bunting the options are endless. Check out Med Kärlek Inc and Happy Co designers for more beautiful bunting inspiration.

Image Credits: Megu Weddings

Image Credits: The Joy Troopers

Image Credits: Moments by Stirring Hearts

5) Ribbons

Like bunting, ribbons are a simple and elegant way to style your wedding. An effortless option to create a romantic environment, they can be strung up on a grand scale to create a dramatic focal point or tied as chair décor, pew markers or from the ceiling; turned into garlands to give your overall look a sense of vibrance and fun. Try playing with colour and scale to create different effects. Our trusted vendors Med Kärlek Inc & Stitch x Marker have some beautiful ribbon inspired ideas.

Image Credits: Med Kärlek Inc.

Image Credit: IM. Perfection

Image Credits: The Joy Troopers

Image Credit: Stitch x Marker Styling Studio

6) Geometric shapes

A pared back alternative take on the traditional wedding arch is making itself known on the wedding scene. Geometric shapes--think triangles, diamonds and hexagons--made of wood or metal, decorated with greenery and/or blooms of your choice, give your wedding a modern twist and is a great way to reflect your personality if your after a more edgy aesthetic.

Image Credits: Med Kärlek Inc.

Image Credits: The Joy Troopers

Image Credits: Stitch x Marker Styling Studio

7) Neon

Neon may conjure up images of New York City dive bars but it's the biggest styling statement this year. A far cry from the pastel hues of late, neon signage really makes for a dramatic statement and are a must for any design savvy brides. Trust us, neon signs are taking the wedding world by storm, whether it's a simple shape, a catchy phrase or your new last name, there are a million ways to use them. Signs can be custom made to keep, or rented from Confetti Dreams.

Image Credits: Confetti Dreams     

8) String Lights

Breaking free from the Christmas mould string lights are becoming a staple at modern weddings. Not only a creative idea to light your venue but a guaranteed way to add a touch of magic and romance to your day. Wrapped around trees or strung across the length of your venue the options are endless and the result is always beautiful. You can even take it one step further and request for lighting installations which can be done by vendors like Midnight Sparks. 

Image Credit: Wedding En Vogue

Image Credit: Midnight Sparks

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9) Couture Paper Flowers

The latest trend to hit our ceremonies is huge, monumental installations of couture paper flowers. Used as a back drop or as an arch, whether for your altar or a photo wall, this one isn't for the faint hearted. It's a bold and beautiful, fashion forward option with the bonus of not having to worry about your flowers wilting, and makes for a super gorgeous backdrop for your guests to take their #wefies or #ootds.

Image Credits: Med Kärlek Inc

Image Credit: For the Wedding

10) Flower Garlands

Garlands are a romantic and natural addition to any wedding and whether strung across a ceremony arch or used as simple decorative touches, it's an elegant way to decorate with nature and introduces a graceful, intimate element to your big day. Try combining different flowers to create different effects. 

Image Credit: Fabulation Pte Ltd      

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