Top 10 Creative Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas That Are Simply Stunning

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You have set the date, booked the venue, found your dress and even your photographer, so now what? Another tricky thing to do on your to-do list would be to find dresses to suit each of your bridesmaid. While choosing some of the bridesmaid dresses, you would need to give their outfit a personal touch while keeping your wedding look consistent and making your bridesmaids feel the best in the spotlight. Keep scrolling to gather some inspiration on how to give your wedding an additional flair with some of these stunning bridesmaid dresses. 

1. The Mismatched

Today, being a bridesmaid no longer means that one should be donning head-to-toe matching outfits with the others. The mismatched trend is still in the house and it is not going anywhere any time soon. Some brides pick a particular color palette and gown length, allowing their bridesmaids to choose within those guidelines, while others provide bridesmaids with even more freedom. Allowing your ladies to choose their own most flattering dress silhouettes make them feel and look the best. Go on and explore the different silhouettes, necklines, and fabric materials for your dresses and you are in for a feast for the eyes. 

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2. Complementary Contrast 

During the big day, brides are the ones basking in the limelight, but let’s not forget the most important sidekicks – your bridesmaids. In order for the bride to shine the brightest on the most important day of her life, the bridesmaids have to work their magic too. Choosing an ideal outfit for your bridesmaids to complement that gorgeous wedding gown of yours is really important. We suggest choosing two hues or tones from the colour palette. Just like how the lilac matches ivory and pale daffodil matches white, find any two colours or even the smaller details – say laces, which complement your wedding gown and colour scheme well.  
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3. Black & White

Some say black is boring but we say otherwise. With your ivory or pure white wedding gown, having your bridesmaids dress in black is going to make a fashion statement. Black dresses for the bridesmaids are purely chic and classy. And who says black and white is only for groomsmen? Show them that you’ve got it by flaunting your black outfit. Adding metallic hues to the other elements of your wedding to match your black and white colour theme is like adding a cherry on top of the cake. Be chic, be stylish and be bold.
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4. Dusty Hues

The dusty hues made its way to the Pantone colour palette in 2016 and we are expecting it to continue to be an important statement for simple, modern styling. These feminine, romantic tones are inspired by soft textures like powdery snow. All these soft winter colours such as dusty roses, deep purples and frosty grays are ones that you can consider for your bridesmaid dresses. So feminine and whimsical, you are sure to look the best. 
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5. Short & Sassy

While we absolutely love the long flowing dresses, we have to admit that there’s nothing as sassy and sweet than a stylish short dress. In a weather so hot, sometimes you might wish you could be dressed in a knee length dress made with smooth fabrics like silk. Short and sassy dresses will also allow you to be as free-spirited as you want to be. It is no surprise that short dresses are the trend for outdoor weddings. You have the sun, the flora and fauna, all perfect for an evening dance or even a dash to see the bride off in her getaway car. 
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6. Tank Tops & Skirt

Still on the fence and feeling skeptical about opting for something totally different? Well, let’s meet somewhere in the middle with a structured tank top and a skirt. You can opt for the sequined mid-length skirt or even a bright-coloured flared maxi one. You can be fancy and fashion forward by playing around with the colour combinations and designs. This tank top and skirt combination for your bridesmaid dresses is perfect if you are looking for something more casual with a fun-loving vibe. 
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7. The Bright Maid - Pop of Colours

Shift dresses and maxi skirts may look too simple to wear at weddings at first. Well, we can make them so much more special by opting for a vivid hue. Together, your bright(s)maids will be able to stand out from the crowd in the sea of ivory dresses. These colour pops are going to make your wedding day photos really striking and fun too. 
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8. The Off-Shoulder

Already in the scene for a while, but dresses with asymmetrical details like the one-shoulder dresses are still crazed after. High-waisted with a short bodice, the one-shoulder dress accentuates the figure of your bridesmaids, allowing her to flaunt it confidently. Like Greek goddesses, your bridesmaids will shine brightly on your big day.  
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9. The Matchy-Matchy

If you are someone who wants to stick to the traditional style, the matchy-matchy would probably still work for you. If you are the bride and you are wearing a white sheath style wedding dress, you can have your bridesmaids wear it too! Paired with a bouquet of flowers, you can have your bridesmaids wear a flower crown. You and your bridesmaids are one package and you are definitely not going to miss anyone out on this big day of yours. 
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10. The Theme Inspired

Looking for some fun and uniqueness for your bridesmaids’ attire? Be quirky and inject some fun elements into it. Be it the Navy Nautical inspired costume or the customized tee with your wedding’s hashtag, be creative and come out with other attire ideas for your bridesmaids. Who says bridesmaids have to wear long flowing dresses only? 
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The little extras can go a long way. Giving your matching bridesmaids a unique look by choosing an outfit that flatters them and complement their personalities is very important. All in all, your bridesmaids are the ones there with you through the planning and also the ones that have your back on your wedding day. Picking the right stunning dresses is the right way to go!
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